Are you frustrated about your business?

Yes you’ve had tremendous growth, hit the 6-figure (plus) mark, and you even have a small team to support you. But, you’re turning away valuable business, and you’re spending WAY too much time answering questions from your team. There’s little time for creativity, planning, client time, and you’ve forgotten what self-care is all about. 

You’re looking for and desperately want a right-hand person. In fact what you really need is a strategic partner, someone who cares about your bottom line as much as you do.

It’s your lucky day! Brigid Ward, Business & Success Coach at Mairangi Bay.

You want someone to keep an eye on the BIG picture and manage all the pieces (projects, team members, operations, expenses etc.) to ensure that your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

Remember, you started your business because you are incredible at what you do. And managing all the “stuff” takes you out of your zone of genius. 

We have the power to do more and be more. Sometimes we just need a little kick-in-the-pants from someone else to help us see our true potential.

It’s time for you to do you and let me do the rest.

How would it feel to share your gifts with more people, knowing you’re making a lasting impression on so many? Wouldn’t it be amazing to not worry about the planning and ALL the day to day activities? It’s time to put your heart and soul back into your work and take your business to the next level. How amazing will it feel to have a confidante on your team, someone who you can bounce ideas off of and know that your biz is in good hands. 

Here’s where I come in. 

BrigidWard (3)Building your own business takes guts, determination, and a whole lot of action. And you’ve done that. BRAVO!

But taking your business to the next level takes more than just guts and determination. It takes a team. And it requires you to stop doing all the “things” you did in the beginning. It requires you to finally step into the role of CEO

I absolutely LOVE supporting online entrepreneurs to reach their full potential in building their dream business. It’s important for you  to make a difference with your tribe. I want you to stay in your zone of genius and make the impact you desire. I want to be your right-hand “woman.” Fill out the following questionnaire to learn more about how I can support you.

“Do what you do best and let me do the rest.”Brigid Ward
My Professional Bio

I worked 17+ years in Corporate and Advertising doing Marketing Communications, Account Management, Program/Project Management, and Social Media. I have helped Fortune 500 companies launch multimillion dollar products and brands and launch massive 10,000 person events. 


Let me help you get your business to the next level faster and keep you in your zone of genius.

Let's do this!
In case you are like me (curious), here’s a sneak peek of the person behind the business.  


June2017-cropped (1)I love spending time with my 3 guys, being a mom to my two doodlebugs, and married to my amazing husband of nearly 17 years. My little guys are not so little anymore, but that’s ok. They’re still my babies.

I love to travel and I‘ve been to France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, England, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and have traveled all over the US and NZ. I have a wanderlust heart and love experiencing new cultures.

Brigid Ward and family in San Francisco, CA.

The four of us after a SF Giants game. Bliss!

I work hard and I play even harder. Working out and staying healthy is a passion of mine and helps to keep me sane.

Having an attitude of gratitude is important to me. I believe in the law of attraction. And I absolutely LOVE helping online entrepreneurs fulfill their desires of taking their business to the next level and stepping into their role as CEO. You do what you do best and let me do the rest.



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