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VA or OBM? What IS the Difference?

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You took the plunge and started your own business. The engines are revved and you are moving full speed ahead. All of a sudden, things come to a screeching halt. You are great at what you do, but you actually need to RUN the business as well. First, you have marketing and advertising, in addition to emails, Facebook Live, Instagram …

Are you ready to hire an OBM

Are you ready for an Online Business Manager? 

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There is no hardened fast rule about whether or not you are ready to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM). However, I have to some key tips and insights I want to share with you given I am an OBM and am lucky to work with some incredible clients.   After working with a client whom I thought was a “dream” …

7 Must Do's to Achieve Success in 2017

Want to Achieve Success in 2017?

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Wow 2017 is officially upon us. Who else is super excited to achieve success in 2017? I personally have had an AMAZING first week back to work. My brain is firing on all cylinders and I even have two new clients starting. Woohoo!! Talk about being in the zone. I had a goal of making a certain amount of money …

Look on the Bright Side

Importance of Looking on the Bright Side of Things

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Hey Peeps, So my hubs Grae and I have officially moved to the Woodlands, TX for his job. And to say this move has been hard is an understatement. But it’s also given me a big eye opener on some things. It’s reminded me about the importance of looking on the bright side of things. Currently, we have our eye on …

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

3 Benefits from Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Do you ever take technology breaks over the weekend? I don’t often but when I finished up my Work Smarter Get Results I definitely decided to take a moment to celebrate and to log off for the weekend. I think we all deserve to take a little break and celebrate the completion of any big project don’t you? As many of you …

10 ways to impact your business

10 Ways to Impact Your Business

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  Want to create breakthroughs in your business? Here are 10 ways to powerfully impact your business. 1. Start asking yourself key questions. How does your client benefit from working with you? I asked this question in my Facebook group recently and boy was it radio silence. And I know why. People are afraid to answer it. They think, what if …

Are you Being courageous in your Business?

Are you Being Courageous in your Business?

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I have to share something with you. A little birdie whispered to me that you needed to hear this message.  Did you know that when you are being courageous you shine within? When you believe in yourself and trust in yourself you are incredible and unstoppable.  Unfortunately, you don’t do it enough.  ALL it takes is 7 seconds. 7 Seconds of Courage …

One Thing Entrepreneurs Struggle with.

The Number 1 Thing Holding Entrepreneurs Back

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I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs not achieving their innate success because they are letting one big obstacle hold back in their business growth.  And to be honest with you this is a big deal. It ends up being a differentiator between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t… ones who stay stuck or ones who find a solution. …