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The Importance of Taking Time to Recharge

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A couple of weeks ago I took some time to recharge my batteries, to get away, to rest, and relax with my family. We snuck out of town and rented a bach (which is kiwi for a cabin by the beach). It was amazing and exactly what I needed. Many people might prefer to jet off to Paris and stay at …

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Work Life Balance Tips

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So as some of you may know I officially “started” my business earlier last year. Things had been pretty steady for a while and then in the past few months they sort of went crazy. I was taking on too many things and possibly too many clients all at once. I was getting up every morning at 5:30am and still online …

Are You Struggling to Make Money?

Are You Struggling To Make Money In Your Business?

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Growing a business can be quite a masculine feat, and as women we often forget to nurture our feminine side. You may ask what does this all mean Brigid? Masculine energy can be defined as focused, direct, pushing and action-oriented. Let’s just say it gets the job done. Masculine energy comes in when you are creating a content plan and …

Are you losing Sales for not outsourcing?

Are You Losing Sales Because You Aren’t Outsourcing?

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Are you at a point in your business where you should be hiring out and delegating certain tasks? Are you losing sales because you are spending too much time on busy work? Do you ever wonder why coaches hire coaches? Or wealthy people hire financial advisors? Or entrepreneurs hire OBM’s or VA’s to do tasks that they can technically do themselves? …

The secret to growing a thriving business

The Secret to Growing a Thriving Business

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If you’re hanging around in the same Facebook groups that I am, then you’ve seen a lot of the same crap I have seen recently: I made $10,000 yesterday, and if you pay me $1,000 I’ll tell you how! Type “Manifesting Maven” if you want my new, free download of “Magic Money!” Want to know the secret behind my six …

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Entrepreneuers

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Do you take advantage of your down time? I am talking about the time you spend driving in the car. What about when you are exercising? Or how about when you’re cleaning the house or cooking dinner? You can’t really read a book during these times. You can still learn so much from some of the most successful and talented …

Attracting your BFF clients is easier than you think.

My 2 Best Tools to Attract New Clients

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If you don’t have clients you don’t have a business. This is no joke. Without clients your business is just a hobby. Yes, I am talking to you. Your number one goal is to make a huge impact on your best friend forever clients. These are the people you would LOVE to work with. But never forget that you need …

I’ll tell you a Secret

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Hi, I’m Brigid Ward, I’m a business coach and I empower entrepreneurs to fearlessly create their dream life and business. I support them in going from overwhelm to knowing exactly what needs to happen to get their business profitable. I dreamed of starting my own business for years. I wanted to start a business for years. I used to go to …

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Start Where You Are

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Start where you are today. Do you have a dream of starting your own business, or doing something new in your business? If yes, then it’s ok to start taking the necessary steps today. There is never a perfect time. When starting a business you sometimes have to take a leap of faith. It is kind of like starting a …