You Must Turn Off The Light to See The Light

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It was our last day of the long weekend and we were all relaxing. The boys and dads had gone fishing in the morning and my girlfriend and I had gone on an hour long walk along the beach. It was truly magical.     We were relaxing and talking after eating some lunch when my girlfriend K suggested we …

Mantra for 2015.

My Mantra for the Year.

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Be Seen. Be of Service. These words keep coming up for me lately. And I know this mantra will not only apply to my life but also my business. In my goals. In how I want to work with my clients. In what programs I create and how I position my business going forward in 2015. And also in my …

Let's make 2015 YOUR year. Brigid Ward, Business Coach.

Let’s Make 2015 YOUR Year!

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This time of year is a great time to reflect and look back over the past year. What did you accomplish? What did you avoid? How far have you come? Have you fulfilled those burning desires you oh so wanted a year ago? I know I always take a step back this time of year and think about what I‘ve …

Hello Gorgeous!

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Have you ever stressed about what your first blog post was going to be about? I have been really caught up in the whole idea of what I should come out and discuss for this first one. Do I tell you about me, what I love, what I did before I decided to start my own business? Why I am …