The secret to growing a thriving business

The Secret to Growing a Thriving Business

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If you’re hanging around in the same Facebook groups that I am, then you’ve seen a lot of the same crap I have seen recently: I made $10,000 yesterday, and if you pay me $1,000 I’ll tell you how! Type “Manifesting Maven” if you want my new, free download of “Magic Money!” Want to know the secret behind my six …

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

10 Must Listen to Podcasts for Entrepreneuers

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Do you take advantage of your down time? I am talking about the time you spend driving in the car. What about when you are exercising? Or how about when you’re cleaning the house or cooking dinner? You can’t really read a book during these times. You can still learn so much from some of the most successful and talented …

The Secret to Achieving Freedom in Life and Business

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People often ask me, “how do you do it all?” You have two boys who are very active in sports, and extra curricular activities as well as school work. You also run your own successful business, you work out daily, you enjoy your family time and friendships, and yet you also come to each client session 100% focused. “Seriously, how …

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Do you Need More Ease in your Life?

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Are you trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing in life and business and feeling a little like you are on a hamster wheel? I  have so been there. I shared last week how I felt a bit off and this week I decided to take more time to breathe and get present. Yes I am still …

Header image: Are you struggling to find clients?

Are you struggling to find clients?

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Are you building your business and having trouble finding your ideal clients? Do you wonder if they’re actually out there? Remember, there are 7 billion people in this world, they’re definitely out there. My guess is if you aren’t finding them then you aren’t doing enough or you’re doing the wrong things. I admit I started my business thinking that it …

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Are you stuck at a low vibration?

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Do you go through life feeling blah? Do you wake up and go through the motions, but don’t really get into the present moment in your daily routine? Maybe you worry all the time. Or do you constantly complain about not having anything to wear to the traffic? Well, if you are experiencing or living like any of the above descriptions …

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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We are all at different stages in our business journey. Yet we continue to catch ourselves comparing where we are with where someone else is or where we think we should be.       This is a terrible habit to get into. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Just keep believing that and keep moving …