One Thing Entrepreneurs Struggle with.

The Number 1 Thing Holding Entrepreneurs Back

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I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs not achieving their innate success because they are letting one big obstacle hold back in their business growth.  And to be honest with you this is a big deal. It ends up being a differentiator between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don’t… ones who stay stuck or ones who find a solution. …

Are you sharing your message?

Are you Sharing YOUR Message?

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Are you sharing YOUR message every day? Have you noticed that on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there are loads of people who only share quotes from others? The question is, do these people have something unique to say? Do they have a point of view they want to share with you? Do they have a story about a challenge they …

Change Your Mindset

What Everybody Ought to Know about Mindset

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Do you have a burning desire to make a change? Do you have a goal that you want to achieve more than anything else? So, what are you going to do differently in your life now in order to achieve your goals? If you want to keep doing what you are doing that’s fine. But you won’t change anything. If …

appreciate everything you have

Tips on Staying Positive in Tough Times

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Have you ever felt like you are a magnet for bad luck? I have a friend who is convinced she is that magnet and that bad luck keeps finding her. She lost her job, got into a car accident and now she is just waiting for what’s next to happen. Needless to say, my friend Jen was having a hard …

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Are you stuck at a low vibration?

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Do you go through life feeling blah? Do you wake up and go through the motions, but don’t really get into the present moment in your daily routine? Maybe you worry all the time. Or do you constantly complain about not having anything to wear to the traffic? Well, if you are experiencing or living like any of the above descriptions …

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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We are all at different stages in our business journey. Yet we continue to catch ourselves comparing where we are with where someone else is or where we think we should be.       This is a terrible habit to get into. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Just keep believing that and keep moving …

You Must Turn Off The Light to See The Light

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It was our last day of the long weekend and we were all relaxing. The boys and dads had gone fishing in the morning and my girlfriend and I had gone on an hour long walk along the beach. It was truly magical.     We were relaxing and talking after eating some lunch when my girlfriend K suggested we …