Marie + Jessi of North Star Messaging + Strategy

We measure our years in business as BB and AB — Before Brigid and After Brigid. Seriously, she makes that big of a difference.

Brigid is a true partner within our team, keeping us organized, holding us accountable, providing encouragement and suggestions, and truly making our lives run more smoothly (and our business run more strategically). We have yet to stump her with a techy question, and she’s a total process genius.

Beyond being amazing at her job, she’s an uplifting, positive person, and she always brings a smile to our faces. We trust her fully to interact with our clients and provide them the same level of customer service we strive to. We can’t imagine our business without her!

~ Marie + Jessi of North Star Messaging + Strategy

Marie + Jessi of North Star Messaging + Strategy

We’re never letting her go!!!

Brigid Ward is a dream come true — she keeps us focused, motivated and pumped up with positivity. Even better, she takes anything we throw at her, and handles it so we can concentrate on revenue generating activities. We’re not ever letting her go!!!”

Erin & Mike Kelly, MemberVault

Alison Shepherd

Brigid, you are the BEST investment I’ve made in my business in ages.”  

I called my coach today to tell her thank you for recommending that I hire you. You are the BEST investment I’ve made in my business in ages. Thank you.

~ Tara Leduc, 

Alison Shepherd

My brain is 99% creative and Brigid has helped immensely by keeping me up on the “business side” of things.

Brigid holds me accountable and helps me with the key systems and structure of my business. I had a lot of great information on what to do and how to do it but actually finding a way that wasn’t overwhelming was what I was missing.

Brigid completely has my back and looks at the big picture for me and my business. She knows what I’m capable of and shows me where I can improve, and exactly what steps I need to take to get there.

She explains the importance of a sales funnel and autoresponders etc., takes me step-by-step through them and holds my hand along the way. There is no more overwhelm.

Working with Brigid has helped me not only succeed in my business but attract new clients too.

~ Alison Sherwood,

I absolutely recommend Brigid to women entrepreneurs who need help in managing their business and helping them with their launch strategy.   

If you have tried to do it all yourself or maybe with just  VA and you are finally ready to bring on your right hand woman, give Brigid a call.  I promise you, she will care as much about your biz as you do. This amazing lady is totally down to earth and will get you on track and help you stay in your zone of genius all while being super fun. She is a project manager genius and has seriously helped me, but it doesn’t stop there. She’s totally tech savvy and just gets all that stuff. Be prepared to do the work, she will be ON you, holding you accountable in order for you to take your biz to the next level quickly.

~ Genna Mori, 

Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission.

I am all about soul and sparkle and Brigid technically is a business strategist. She is so much more than that! She blends her knowledge and expertise with her wonderful, kind, energetic, down to earth incredible self. We clicked a long time ago and she was so helpful to me in terms of getting clear on that business doesn’t have to be painful or overwhelming. Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission. She helped me flesh out an idea I have for an out of the box (of course) opt-in and I am so thrilled with my two pages of notes I came out with. She met me at my comfort level with systems and processes not telling me what must be done but rather helped me see the possibilities of different ways to get it all done. Connect with this powerhouse she is the perfect blend of real and passionate doer mixed with a manifesting dreamer!

~ Shari Teigman,

Brigid has great knowledge on business; especially systems which is a real weakness of mine.

Brigid, in a very gentle yet firm way, gets directly to the point. Her objective view of my business and what I needed to do was incredibly valuable. She also has an awesome knowledge of business tools which increase productivity and efficacy. Brigid holds a space for you and I felt amazingly supported by Brigid. She was an amazing ally.

~ Jill Porter,

Marie + Jessi of North Star Messaging + Strategy

As a strategic business partner, her knowledge, experience, expertise and no-BS approach are absolutely invaluable.

Working with Brigid Ward as my OBM has been more valuable than I ever imagined. I feel like I’ve got someone who cares as much about my success as I do. She dives in to clear my roadblocks and tech hurdles, calls me on my BS and keeps us focused on moving forward toward my big goals.

When Brigid told me she was becoming an OBM, I knew I had to work with her. She has all the online marketing skills already, she’s built her own successful business so she gets how important cash flow and processes are and she adds tremendous value in terms of best practices, shortcuts, tech hacks and more.

~ Michelle L. Evans, Business Coach

Everyone needs a Brigid on their team. 

Ahhhhh, I have to tell you … I really enjoy working with you Brigid. I wish all my clients had a Brigid on their team. I work with so many different clients and I can honestly say everyone needs a Brigid on their team to keep the communication lines open. I always know what needs to get done and I don’t have to wait forever for an answer. Thank you.

~ Dorothea Pierce,