Kellie Annesley-Smith

My brain is 99% creative and Brigid has helped immensely by keeping me up on the “business side” of things.

Brigid holds me accountable and helps me with the key systems and structure of my business. I had a lot of great information on what to do and how to do it but actually finding a way that wasn’t overwhelming was what I was missing.

Brigid completely has my back and looks at the big picture for me and my business. She knows what I’m capable of and shows me where I can improve, and exactly what steps I need to take to get there.

She explains the importance of a sales funnel and autoresponders etc., takes me step-by-step through them and holds my hand along the way. There is no more overwhelm.

Working with Brigid is helping me not only succeed in my business but attract new clients too.

~ Alison Sherwood,

Sharon Birn

I have made more progress in working with Brigid than any other time in my business.

Brigid, thank you so much. And thank you for all your help. I cannot tell you what an impact working with you and knowing you has had on my business. 

I am so incredibly grateful I am in working with you. I have achieved more in our time together than any other time in my business. I have taken more action, attracted more clients and opportunities and created more content that lights me up inside. I couldn’t have done it without you on my side. 

Thanks again for all your support and guidance. 

~ Sharon Birn, 

Sharon Birn

She’s encouraged me to keep acting and moving forward and to love my baby steps! 

So there I was the newbie coach! ( am still new) trying to suck everything up, suffering from information and advice overload! Then along came Brigid with her positive and bubbly self. She’s helped me to see that actually it’s within me, and helped steer me towards better focus on my goals.

The most important thing that I have picked up from Brigid is to keep acting and moving forward and to love my baby steps! So I thank her for her generous spirit and am looking forward to when we will work together again!! Would I recommend? On a scale of 1-10 I go with 25!!!

Thanks again for all your support and guidance. 

~ Nikki Akitl,

Kellie Annesley-Smith

She ensures I stay on track! 

Before working with Brigid I was a wee bit lost. I had no real direction and didn’t really offer any proper service packages.

Our weekly calls mean I get to focus on my business and if I tend to steer off the path, she is quick to ensure I’m back on it. I absolutely love her energy and positivity and the support and validation to keep moving forward. 

~ Kellie Annesley-Smith,

She’s your gal!

I had a fabulous chat with the lovely Brigid Ward this morning. If you want to tap into someone who is high energy, full of ideas and no bullshit, she’s your gal.

~ Claire Quirke,

I absolutely recommend Brigid to women entrepreneurs who need help in creating a business with clarity and purpose.  

Whether you are ready to get serious and start your business or simply looking for a plan to go from here to there, call Brigid! This amazing lady is totally down to earth and get you on track and helps you stay on track all while being super fun. She has seriously helped me clarify my message and my vision, but it doesn’t stop there. She’s got the tools to help you define your target audience and/or your program, and  added bonus she is tech savvy. Be prepared to do the work, she will be ON you in order for you to create your dream business quickly, with clarity, and with intent and purpose.

~ Genna Mori, 

Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission.

I am all about soul and sparkle and Brigid technically is a business coach. She is so much more than that! She blends her knowledge and expertise with her wonderful, kind, energetic, down to earth incredible self. We clicked a long time ago and she was so helpful to me in terms of getting clear on that business doesn’t have to be painful or overwhelming. Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission. She helped me flesh out an idea I have for an out of the box (of course) opt-in and I am so thrilled with my two pages of notes I came out with. She met me at my comfort level with systems and processes not telling me what must be done but rather helped me see the possibilities of different ways to get it all done. Connect with this powerhouse she is the perfect blend of real and passionate doer mixed with a manifesting dreamer!

~ Shari Teigman,

Brigid, I loved working with you.  You are so helpful, caring and supportive.  You made me feel comfortable. You are so approachable and kind.  I adore you!

Prior to working with Brigid I felt lost, unsure, clueless about what I was doing or how I was going to do it. I lacked confidence, that maybe I couldn’t provide anything of value and wondered if I could actually do this. I was quite panicked to say the least. And after working with you I felt safe, calmer, steady, like yeah, I can DO this! And it wasn’t false bravado, it was actual knowing. The bootcamp was awesome. I liked the weekly challenges because it allowed me to work on the assignments vs. half-assign them trying to keep up. If I hadn’t signed up to work with you I would still be stuck and scared. You gently kicked my butt into gear. 

~ Sarah Sandy, Life Coach

I  love the mindset information Brigid shares because it’s what I believe in and what I connect with.

My “aha” in working with Brigid was the fact that she explained that confidence comes with just starting out, practicing, and getting feedback. The more I do the more confidence I will develop just like when I started out being a nurse. I didn’t have all the answers, I just dove in and learned, and with time and experience I became confident. I enjoy talking with Brigid, it’s real and authentic and she puts everything into perspective. It’s ok to start with baby steps.

~ Katherine Trevino,

I definitely feel working with Brigid is moving my business forward.

I was searching and hoping I could find some help. I really questioned how to make my business work. After speaking to Brigid I felt inspired and hopeful. She gave me the confidence to post and go for it. She made me feel it was possible. I felt supported straight away. I highly recommend anyone who is stuck in their business and unsure of the next steps when it comes to showing up online or sharing your expertise? Brigid is the right choice for you.

~ Erin Sights,

Brigid helped me INSURMOUNTABLY!

Prior to working with Brigid I didn’t realise I wasn’t clear on who, what, when and where around my focus for my coaching packages, and I didn’t realise I didn’t feel good about the price OR the 3 month package I was offering because it really wasn’t me – it felt so samey to others, which I thought I ‘should’ offer (the real, ‘me’ one is in development in line with my new clarity!). She dragged me out of my own head to see this – in the most loving but firm way. 

~ Mariska Anderson,

Brigid has great knowledge on business; especially systems which is a real weakness of mine.

Brigid, in a very gentle yet firm way, gets directly to the point. Her objective view of my business and what I needed to do was incredibly valuable. She also has an awesome knowledge of business tools which increase productivity and efficacy. Brigid holds a space for you and I felt amazingly supported by Brigid. She was an amazing ally.

~ Jill Porter,

I totally recommend Brigid!

In one month of coaching with Brigid I have been able to achieve so much. She is detailed, caring, encouraging and to the point. I totally recommend her to anyone who is stuck in taking their business to the next level.

~ Mojdeh Razmiafshari,

My Call with Brigid was Fabulous! 

I found my call with you really valuable. You gave me so many great tips and ideas. And everything we discussed helped me to confirm that I was on the right track. But  most importantly you helped me to prioritise my list and helped me to figure out what to focus on first. Plus you gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get things moving.

~ Laure Skybyk-Stapp,