Would you like my support and strategic brain on your business?

I’ve worked with and supported nearly 50 clients just like you to set up systems, create a strategic plan for moving their business forward, save on overhead, build a reliable team and manage all the behind the scene details so that you can stay in your zone of genius.

We do this in my unique “breakthrough system.”

The #1 reason this service works and is so key is that it will break it all down and allow you to accomplish your goals much faster – by getting strategic advice and professional support.

There are many virtual support services that are good at getting the work done, but they miss the BIG picture of how all the admin, marketing and operations work together to generate tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Most of my clients are overwhelmed with how to take their business to the next level with their current team and contractors. They get shiny object syndrome and purchase systems that really won’t work or they end up not using.

Without a bespoke solution created for your systems, your setup, your strategy all designed with you in mind, can lead to stress, financial losses and a whole lot of time wasted.

Are you ready to leave the frustration of trying to do it all yourself?

I’d love to speak to you if you’re ready to stop trying to piecemeal it all together yourself. You understand that it’s time to invest in sound, practical, strategic advice and experience because it will pay off several fold over the long term.

If you’re interested in working directly with me, I have an application form with key questions to help me better understand you and your business.

Read further if you’d like to move to the next stage.

Here’s how it works:

You fill out the below form. Based on your answers, if it looks like we’re a good fit, I will work with you to help implement your own tailored strategic breakthrough session


You click on the button at the bottom of the page and you’ll be taken to a form with some questions, you then submit them. We’ll review your answers and be in touch on next steps. We’ll then move onto Phase 1, which is the initial ‘Connection Call’ with Brigid where she’ll then create a proposal based on your goals and requirements. (This phase is completely free.)


If you choose to accept the proposal, there will be a fee for Phase 2, the planning stage, which is based on Brigid’s expertise, where she’ll create a unique, comprehensive and completely customized Operations Plan, Income Strategy and Support Package Recommendation.

You’ll have superb guidance with creative and business ideas (unique selling proposition), savvy planning, structural framework (design / website plan), product strategy, launch plan, and prep for the team, which will provide you with a completely laid out vision for your business – including the operational structure, strategy for generating sales and income overall and the support you’ll need to make it all happen – basically how it’s going to all look in a big picture sense, before we potentially move forward.


Phase 3 is where (you) take the decision of how you’d like to move forward with this vision. You have total flexibility and can choose to:

A. Take the plan, and implement it yourself.

B. Hire Brigid Ward & Co., LLC to execute the systems set up, and then use your own virtual team for your business support moving forward.

C. Hire Brigid Ward & Co., LLC to help execute the set up of everything indicated, and then provide ongoing support.