Everyday we see people who have not only hit the point of success but are continuing to grow further.  They are consistently able to amp up their game and somehow be able to do it all. It can be really hard not to play the comparison game here too!  Believe me, I get it! We all have a starting point and we all experience ups and downs. From my other posts, you can find a cesspool of knowledge that will help you up your productivity, strategy, and beyond.  But here, we are going to focus on what these successful entrepreneurs are doing on a daily basis to be where they are.


Success starts with a plan, a road-map, or at least a general idea of where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Creating your plan, and then proceeding to put it into action at first can seem a daunting task, but is so very important. By knowing what you’re trying to achieve, and how you’re going achieve it, you’ve already started on the road to success.

Start with identifying your point A and point B. This gives you an idea of your goals, and your bigger picture. Next, create a rough sketch of how you want to get there. This will vary person to person, so it can be as detailed as you need. Plan out which tasks should be done first, and what last, to reach your end result. Remember, though, your plan can be flexible; somethings can and will change as you go.

Working in Sections

Start small. Find one task in your plan, and finish it. On some days this is harder than others. If you are having particular trouble accomplishing anything at all, start with a simple, easy task, and do that for 15 minutes, with as little distraction as possible. When the 15 minutes is up, often it will be easy to continue with that task until completion. If you find yourself unable to continue with that task, move onto something else for another 15 minutes, and come back.

The most important thing here is to keep accomplishing. Achieving success with small tasks will help you to start and finish bigger ones. Focus on doing one thing, and then move onto another when that’s done.

Taking Me Time

Take breaks. When you get overwhelmed, take a few seconds to breathe. Then take a small break to get yourself back on track, and keep your brain from overloading. When focusing on the bigger picture, you often can forget to make sure you are getting the time you need.

Make sure you take time for self care. Eating, sleeping, and relaxing keep you going in the long run. Without a healthy you, there can’t be a successful you.


Know what your forte is, and know when a task is better done by another person. This is where outsourcing comes in. When you have too much on your plate, look at what needs accomplishing, and decide what doesn’t have to be done by you specifically. For bloggers, maybe you hire someone else to ghostwrite that post you know you can write, but really don’t have time for. Business owners can hire a Social Media Manager to run their social media accounts for them, giving them time to focus more energy on their business. Outsourcing comes in so many forms, but is extremely helpful in keeping you on focus and top notch.


Organization is key to a smooth process, and can be seen in many forms. The most obvious is to keep your space organized. Have a place for everything, and have everything in its place. This keeps distractions to a minimum and allows you to easily find materials.

It is also important to keep your goals and work organized. This means knowing your goals and workload, and knowing what is most important. When you have your work and goals organized, you tend to keep them in mind, allowing you to stay ahead of the game. Organize the space around you, and the space in your head, and your process and workload can become so much smoother and easier.

Investing in Yourself

Self-Development means keep improving your skills and yourself as a person. Both are important as an entrepreneur. The world is constantly changing, and as an entrepreneur, you need to change with it. Strengthen the skills you have, and learn new ones as you go. Expanding your abilities expands what you can provide for customers and clients.

Improving yourself as a person is less prominent than improving your skills, but still is just as beneficial. It can allow you to connect more with clients, which can lead to increased customer loyalty, and an increase in your customer base. By continuing to develop yourself, skills and otherwise, you develop your business.

Resting and Recharging

Rest and Recharge goes beyond taking breaks that get you back on track. Set aside time for you, to have free-time to do what you want and not what you need to do. Taking time for resting and recharging allows you to not lose sight of your original purpose in your work-life, and prevents a burn-out of passion. Keeping sight of who you are and what you enjoy is imperative in your work, and if you don’t take time to love yourself, it is easy to stop loving your work.

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