The Secret Sauce To Great Content

Are you tired of spending hours trying to come up with ideas for a new video or the next viral post?  Do you ever wonder how these businesses are able to constantly whip out new content that is consistently getting high engagement and driving conversions?  There is definitely a secret sauce to this and where it will require some strategy, it is the perfect way to save you time and streamline your business.

I want you to think about what you are doing right now for content. You’re really good at doing a weekly FB live or Instagram live. But what do you do with it afterward? You were sharing some of your best stuff and then what? It just sits there and disappears in 24 hours if it’s not downloaded? That strategy I mentioned earlier, that is where it comes into play.  This is exactly why repurposing content is IMPERATIVE.

Reimagine Your Content

It is time to think outside of the box.  Think of all of your great content. Why not take that video or blog post even and break it up into multiple pieces of content that your audience can consume in different ways.  This can be as simple as eye-catching graphics, an e-book, to a break down of that bite-sized content. You can utilize these resources on multiple platforms, extending your contents reach.

It used to be that your ideal client needed to see your message 7 times before purchasing from you. Now it’s even longer than that. So, it’s even more important that you are taking your BEST content and getting it out there in multiple ways.

What Is Content Repurposing

Repurposing content is simply taking one piece of content, breaking it down into different elements and using it multiple places.  You can take a video and get an editor to break it up into 30-second snippets and put them up on social media. You can take a video and extract the audio and turn it into a podcast and so much more.  You can even take your best blog posts and create a great opt-in or e-book!

It sounds simple in theory, but the reality is, this is one of those strategies and tasks that gets put on the back burner and doesn’t see the light of day.  You need to delve into your content strategy with content repurposing in mind. Then you will find that you will create new material that will ultimately get put onto different platforms.

Benefits of Repurposing

50% of marketers say they struggle to produce content, but only 29% are repurposing. [source: co-schedule].  There are so many advantages to repurposing content. When you are able to use the content that is already performing well, you can expand that success by giving your audience what they want, more information!  The benefits of repurposing directly impact how you streamline your business too.

6 Crucial Reasons To Repurpose Your Content

Saves You Time.
This is a no brainer. Who doesn’t need more time? Allow your team to take your brilliant piece of content and do their magic. It will free up your time to work on money-making tasks.

There will be no of stressing out about how to fill your content calendar.  There will no overwhelm with feeling like you have a creative block. There will be no extra leg work to find out what connects best with your audience.  You have it right at your fingertips with your best content, you just have to break your content down and reimagine it.

Quality Not Quantity.
Take the time to create a brilliant piece of content and leverage that content. It is pointless to produce lots of mediocre content when you know exactly what is performing well and you simply have to expand on it!  You should be spending your time thinking about what you want to say or teach and how you can elaborate with different types of content.

Reinforce Your Message.
You do not want to be putting great content out once.  When that happens, you are literally killing the lifespan of your message.  If you focus on elaborating and creating more content to reinforce your message, not only will more people find your content, but you will find an audience that engages and converts!  That is the beauty of great content.

Diversifies your content.
Consistency is important, but that doesn’t mean you should use the same platforms and mediums for everything you do.  It’s better to use the same message across diverse marketing channels. This may seem a bit overwhelming but with the proper strategy, you will be able to streamline your methods and spread your message on multiple platforms without posting the same thing every single time.

Increase Your Visibility.
Isn’t this what we are all in the business of anyway?  Especially with all the constant changes on Facebook, it’s important to have a strong online presence to raise brand awareness.  The more content you are putting out, the more relevant your content will become. Your audience is going to be sitting on multiple platforms so you are going to want to ensure that you are hitting all of them.  You can also pull your current audience in on ALL platforms by providing differing content on varying channels. By breaking down your content, you are still spreading the same message and building your credibility.

Improves Your SEO.
Having more content online does help improve your SEO.  We are living in a world that has multiple forms of search engines – it is not just Google and Yahoo anymore!  Google and search engines such as that, build off of text. We also have visual search engines on our plates such as Pinterest, YouTube, and even Instagram! (Hashtags are very much a part of SEO now) The more content you have out the more content these search engines will be able to find.  In the world of SEO, this makes you more credible and relevant, which ultimately will drive more people to your content.

What to Repurpose

This is not about going through every single blog or video you’ve ever done and start to repurpose it. I would start by looking back through your Google Analytics for your site and see which blogs performed best or check out your video views on FB or YouTube and decide which ones resonated the best with your audience. Those are the posts or videos that your audience loved and most likely want to see again or learn more about.

If you don’t have a ton of content, take the time to look at what content is resonating with your audience and expand, even if it is just a little, on that.  You can also start by just writing a blog post, creating a video, or taking a piece of content and republishing it on a different platform.

If you still aren’t sure where to start or would like support in content strategy or repurposing, we are here for you!  Schedule a time to chat with us!

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