Master Your Mind Mastermind



Do you consistently find yourself feeling stuck trying to figure everything out on your own?

Do you get overwhelmed thinking about all the different pieces of your business and wish someone you trusted would tell you exactly what to do next?

Do you want help in figuring out exactly what you should be working on and how to get it done?

You’re in Luck. That’s why I’ve created…


I know you’re struggling to stay focused. You’re trying to balance it all and not succeeding.

You want to work smarter NOT harder. You need help in setting goals and actually achieving them. And you have a burning desire to learn more about how to master your mindset and set yourself up for success.

And I can help.

I know what it takes to create a thriving business without running yourself into the ground.

I know the exact areas you need to be focusing on in your business right now and the ones that are keeping you stuck in the spin zone.

I know how to get you to take action on things that you are most afraid of doing. It’s my super power.

Want to know the secret to my success? There hasn’t been a single day since I started my coaching business where I haven’t had either the support of a private mentor or high-level mastermind.



During this high-level mastermind you’ll receive weekly guidance, support and coaching from your me — there’s nothing cookie-cutter here.

This mastermind is 100% focused on you receiving the support you need for your burning questions today.

The Master Your Mind Mastermind is your opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneur’s and coaches in an intimate supportive space where it’s safe to share your fears and your celebrations.

As well as always having access to me, your own coach, who has a successful coaching business.

You’re wondering, what’s the investment for The Master Your Mind Mastermind? It’s a fraction of the cost to work one on one with me. Why?

Because I don’t want there to be any reason for you NOT to say ‘Yes!’ to having the support that you desire and need.


10 Weeks of Masterminding greatness awaits you. What’s included?

  • We’ll meet weekly for 10 weeks in a group setting via Zoom. Calls will last 1-2 hours. {All calls will be recorded so if you can’t make it live no worries}
  • We’ll have a private Facebook group to connect daily and bust through any challenges and issues that occur between calls.
  • You will receive 2 FREE private coaching calls with me over the 10 weeks.
  • This will be a small group of no more than 7 high-achieving women. I am keeping this group small and exclusive so there is time on each call for laser coaching, feedback, and high level support from myself and your mastermind peers.

This is NOT a program where you sit back and listen. We’ll dig into the issues that are holding you back, keeping you stuck and unsure and making you question every decision you make.

  1. You will be part of a very exclusive community. Masterminds tend to be invite or by applicationBrigid Ward Business Coach process only. The members likely need you as much as you need them.
  2. You will receive high level support throughout. You won’t ever have to feel alone in your business and not know who to ask. You will have me and your new business advisors to reach out to for support.
  3. You’ll be able to network and ultimately collaborate with peers more effectively. You never know you might just decide you can work together on a specific project in the future.
  4. You will be able to learn from one another. Think about the fact that this mastermind is bringing together women who have different knowledge skills and experience to share with all. Each week you will be coming together and sharing business challenges and situations and receive feedback and solutions together.
  5. You’ll be able to think bigger and better. That’s the best part, this is a master mind where we will focus on MASTERING the MIND. This mastermind will help you truly think beyond what you can do alone. It will help you think outside the box.

My brain is 99% creative and Brigid has helped immensely by keeping me up on the “business side” of things.

Brigid holds me accountable and helps me with the key systems and structure of my business. I had a lot of great information on what to do and how to do it but actually finding a way that wasn’t overwhelming was what I was missing.

Brigid completely has my back and looks at the big picture for me and my business. She knows what I’m capable of and shows me where I can improve, and exactly what steps I need to take to get there.

~ Alison Sherwood,

Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission.

I am all about soul and sparkle and Brigid technically is a business coach. But she is so much more than that! She blends her knowledge and expertise with her wonderful, kind, energetic, down to earth incredible self. She helped me get clear that business doesn’t have to be painful or overwhelming. Building a business is an extension of you so you can do it your way. Brigid gave me that permission.  She met me at my comfort level with systems and processes not telling me what must be done but rather helped me see the possibilities of different ways to get it all done. 

~ Shari Teigman,


There are 7 spots available and I am going to personally speak with anyone who is interested to answer their questions before we get started.

Who’s The Master Your Mind Mastermind for?

This mastermind is for coaches and women entrepreneurs who are ready for results and feel like they keep getting stuck trying to figure everything out on their own.

The Master Your Mind Mastermind is perfect for the coach or entrepreneur who:

  • Would LOVE weekly personalized coaching from their own mentor but isn’t quite ready for the commitment of an ongoing 1:1 program yet.
  • Is currently in a group program or course and feels like they need more personalized support and accountability instead of getting lost in the mix.
  • Desires a supportive like-minded community where they can ask questions, celebrate wins, feel safe just being you and know you’re building life long connections and friendships.

Are you ready to smash through your business goals? Are you ready to learn how to work smarter not harder in your business? Are you ready to know what you should be working on and where you should be spending your time? And are you ready to start taking action in ways you only wish you could?

JOIN ME IN THE “MASTER YOUR MIND” MASTERMIND and you’ll begin to grow in ways you could not have imagined or accomplished on your own.

Investment is $600 or 2 payment of $325. The Mastermind begins in April.


BONUS 1:  One of the calls during the 10 weeks we’ll have the delightful and super smart Merideth Bisiker as our guest. Merideth is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, helps entrepreneurs master their relationships with money so they can make the money they want to make in their businesses, and feel good about it.

Merideth understands that affirmations and the Law of Attraction are helpful tools that lead to abundance in business, but they won’t be effective without the third piece of the equation: action. <And you wonder why I love this woman so much> With a whole lot of pragmatism blended with a good measure of faith and contagious positivity, Merideth supports her clients through instant mindset shifts that take the weight off their chest and energizes them.

BONUS 2: One of the calls during the 10 weeks we’ll have the lovely and talented Amber Annette. Amber is a life and business psychic medium. She is an accelerator and an ignitor for people to step into their best lives ever!

Combining her 15 years of grounded and foundational business knowledge and experience with her beautiful gift of being a psychic medium, she provides entrepreneurs the tools and answers they are searching for to take their life and business to where they want to go.

Doing it all with passion, connecting to your soul purpose and bringing forward endless possibilities.


The Mastermind begins in April. Don’t miss out. Click the button below and schedule a call today if you have any questions and want to discuss it.