Want to create breakthroughs in your business? Here are 10 ways to powerfully impact your business.

1. Start asking yourself key questions. How does your client benefit from working with you? I asked this question in my Facebook group recently and boy was it radio silence. And I know why. People are afraid to answer it. They think, what if I don’t benefit anyone? What can I do to really make a difference? And it’s a whole lot easier not answering. But I must ask it the question again. How does your client benefit from working with you? And then ask one more question, what is the benefit of the benefit? Ultimately what do they gain from that benefit? You must dive deep. By doing this exercise you will getting to the heart of what you do for your your clients, and you’ll also build up your confidence at the same time. Win! Win!
2. Fail more often then you did last year or last month. Yup, I said the failure word. I have spoken to 20+ successful entrepreneurs in the past 2 months and every single one of them said that they fail and on a regular basis and it’s what keeps them growing and expanding in their biz. This is a key step to your success. [ctt title=”Fail more often then you did last year or last month.” tweet=”Fail more often then you did last year or last month. http://ctt.ec/Xeejd+ via @brigidward” coverup=”Xeejd”] 
3. Be nimble and able to pivot if you need to. If you are going down a path that is clearly not working out, then pivot. You are the CEO of your biz you can make and implement changes as you see fit. Rigidity can be the kiss of death.
4. Don’t be afraid to fly your freak flag. Embrace your uniqueness and let your tribe get to know you. The right ones will stick around and want to learn more. Trust me on this.
5. Work smarter NOT harder. No one is going to give you a gold medal for working 20 hours on your biz today. And no one cares. I want you to treat your business like you are the CEO. Get serious about the value of your time. Throughout the day, ask yourself, is this the best use of my time right now? If it isn’t, go and do something more productive.
6. Invest in you. If there is a part of your business that you need support on invest in it and get expert help. Things will never just magically get better, just because you hope they do. Remember hope is not a strategy. This will help you get it right.
7. Commit to stepping outside your comfort zone. Be the bold version of yourself. You started your business for a reason, so why are you holding back on trying new things. Go for it. If you need some guidance read this.
8. Network. I hear so many online entrepreneurs that they don’t like to network in person. (hand held high) but I kid you not it is such an important part of your business growth. Get over yourself and join a networking group and make it a priority.
9. Be a glass half-full kinda person. Start believing that anything is possible because it really is. No matter what’s going on right now in your life or business, with a little hard work, confidence and courage you can achieve almost anything.
10. Always, always, always over deliver. If you are providing a program or service always come up with ways that you can deliver more than expected.
I really hope some of these ideas ring true for you and you can start to see how they can truly benefit you and your business.

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