Do you ever take technology breaks over the weekend? I don’t often but when I finished up my Work Smarter Get Results I definitely decided to take a moment to celebrate and to log off for the weekend.

I think we all deserve to take a little break and celebrate the completion of any big project don’t you?

As many of you have heard we are gearing up for a big international move. And yes this can be quite stressful but as this is my 6 international move I feel like we are just moving a few hours away. Most people can’t believe how chill I am about it all. But the reality is, we can move back if we want to. My boys and hubby are all kiwis and I am a permanent resident. So it’s easy peasy for us.

And New Zealand has been a part of my life for the past 16 years and it’s not going anywhere.

One of the teachers at my son’s school said “hey I heard you guys are moving back to the US. It should be MUCH easier, given you know what you’re getting yourself into. Definitely easier than moving here.” I was like, the US is SO big it’s like 50 separate countries. We’re moving to TX, a state I’ve never spent any time in and all I know is what I’ve seen and read online or on TV. It could be just super “Texas like” or it could be quite cosmopolitan. Plus, the population of Houston is bigger than ALL of NZ. That’s pretty ridiculous right?

So I had to correct her that no this isn’t easier. And I told here we weren’t nervous at all about moving to NZ. It was super easy in fact. But, this move to TX is WAY outside my comfort zone.

However, with that said, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Here me out on this idea.

I actually think we all need to get outside our comfort zones more often. We tend to take the easy route way too often in not only our lives but our businesses. And yes it’s safer, yes there are not many uncomfortable moments, but is there any real growth or expansion when we stay inside our comfort zones? That is the real question.

I did a FB live on Confidence and touched on our Comfort zone in the video here. It’s rather short but powerful. Have a watch here.  

Many people have asked us why we would leave NZ given how much we love it here. And trust me we do love it here. But if I were being honest there are also loads of issues with New Zealand as well. It’s far from perfect.

Trust me, it would actually be MUCH easier to stay right where we are. We have schools for the boys sorted, in fact we are already 2 terms into the school year. We have sport teams established, we all have friends, we have a decent rental (albeit not to my taste) and we are completely set up here in NZ.

But I always come back to why did this opportunity came about? Why did they choose my husband? Why did I walk up from the beach back in late January asking my husband if he thought it was the right move for him and his career to reconsider Houston? (4 weeks after we had said no to the original offer about moving us to TX. And the company was weeks away from hiring someone else in fact. I found this out later.)


I am a big believer in not living with regrets. I’ve made it a habit of living my life where I can lay my head down at night and know that I have no regrets. I have done things in my life most people have only dreamed of doing.

Most people would not even consider this move. They would say it’s too far outside their comfort zone and stay put. But what happens 6 months down the road and we ask ourselves what if?

What if we didn’t take the job? What if we missed out on this opportunity? What if? 

I’m sharing this with you because I want to implore you to ask yourself are you staying stuck inside your comfort zone? Are you staying safe right where you are? 

When you step outside your comfort zone you benefit in so many different ways. Here are 3 ways to benefit from stepping out side your comfort zone.  

1. You will inspire others. In your business and in your life what you do gets noticed by others. Think about how you can inspire your ideal clients to grow their businesses, or improve their lives, eat healthier, write better or live their rockstar lives just by you taking a tiny risk outside your comfort zone and believing in yourself to do this.

2. A life without regret. This has been my driving motivator my entire life. I recall making decisions when I was 18 years old saying, I don’t want to have any regrets. Ask yourself, is there something you want to do or achieve in your life or business that scares you? Have you thought about it, and is there is something holding you back from actually taking action and doing it? Regrets come when we wonder and ask the infamous questions, “What if?” and yet don’t still don’t act. Stop wondering and just go for it. Jump in with both feet.

3. Your experiences will be richer. Those of us who’ve been forced to change understand that what is comforting is often not what is best. Leaving your comfort zone can create a tremendous feeling of excitement and self-respect as you learn what you are truly capable of doing and creating, which is far greater and more expansive than you ever dreamed. Pushing past your limits helps you find the fulfillment, excitement, and belief in yourself. You gain the knowledge that you can really do anything you truly want.

I want you to remember that if you never leave your comfort zone you are sabotaging your chances for running a successful business and enjoying your rewards.

[ctt title=”Don\’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. That\’s why we\’re here. ” tweet=”Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. That’s why we’re here. @brigidward via ” coverup=”7eMfJ”]

I promise you will find you are more resilient, capable and courageous than you once believed, and as you rise to these challenges, more exciting ones are waiting for you in the wings.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you really wanted to try something new in your business but something inside of you kept you from going for it, and you shied away? Next time you find yourself hesitating, I want you to just go for it. I promise you the reward will be, without question, worth the risk and will far outweigh any of your fears.



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