Monday was the first day of the new school year for my boys. We had the most  amazing, adventurous and beautiful 6 week summer holiday. But alas it has come to an end. (insert whimper) I can’t believe how fast it went and how sad I was to see my boys returning back to school.

I really enjoyed having them around and going on little get aways. It was my first time ever that I got to spend the summer with them. I had always worked full time in a job previously.

As I was pulling out of the driveway I was focused on my sadness and the fact it was coming to an end and not really paying attention to what I was doing. And I ended up clipping my side mirror on the garage as I was backing up. Staying focused especially when I am driving is KEY.

I thought how my lack of focus in clipping my side mirror related to running a business.

It is essential for anyone who wants to run a successful business to have key qualities and skills. And one of these key skills that really separates a successful person from a mediocre person is one’s ability to maintain focus on a specific project at hand. In order to really get a big project done for you business, it is imperative to get into the zone and get focused so you can move the needle on your project.

In today’s digital world we have so many distractions that getting focused is more difficult than ever. (Tweet this!)

How many times were you supposed to be writing your blog or working on creating a new program or just having dinner with your loved ones and you are more focused on your phone and the messages that keep popping up. Trust me, I have been there too.

Our brains get easily distracted and today’s digital world is perfect for increasing our distractions. (Tweet this!)

How many tabs do you have open right now on your computer? Be honest. I know I have way too many, so trust me I am a work in progress too.

Here are Five Tips to Help You to Stay Focused in your Business (Tweet this!) when you need to the most.

Choose No More Than 3 BIG Goals
The number of items you put on your to-do list can get really ridiculous. So, I want you on Sunday night to look at your week ahead and pick out the 3 BIG goals you want to focus on achieving for the week. Then, for each day I want you to break them down into bite size goals. No more than 3 goals per day that support  your larger goals. If you try to do more than that, you will just get overwhelmed and nothing good will get done. I used to try and create these mammoth lists, but seriously once I implemented the 3 goals per day rule I was much more efficient.

Work In 50 Minutes Blocks Of Time
Try and focus for no more than 50 minutes at a time. I actually set a timer when I am working on a blog post or creating a program or just working on new copy for my site etc. And once the timer goes off I get up and and grab some water, stretch, change the laundry. I make sure to get up and move. It is so important to take mini breaks so that you can be more productive and fresh. We were not meant to sit at our desks 8 hours straight without taking a break. It just isn’t healthy.

Figure Out When You Are Most Productive And Creative
If you are most productive and creative first thing in the morning, then work on your creative work first thing in the morning. If you wait and try and do this type of work in the evening, then you aren’t getting your best work done. Schedule a set amount of time (don’t forget to include breaks) to work on your creative project and then after that go through the mundane tasks like going through emails, and deleting and responding to what is necessary. But once again, don’t forget the timer. 😉

Do Not Scroll
Ok this one is a biggie. If you need to go onto social media for a purpose to offer help and be supportive. Do not scroll. That is super key that I am going to repeat it. Do not scroll. You will start to read something, you will get distracted, you will divert your attention and forget what your purpose was. So, go onto social media with a purpose in mind, for a set amount of time, and do not scroll down your news feed. Go into the groups you need to go into, but do not scroll. Very key to staying productive.

Disconnect Your Digital Life
Finally, schedule at least an hour, maybe even two to disconnect from digital communications. (insert gasp) I am serious here. Shut down your email, your social media alerts, put your phone on silent mode and take time to focus on that project you have been putting off. Trust me, this isn’t easy, you think you are missing out on something. But bottom line, you will be so grateful in the end that you did it. Your productivity will improve 10 fold.

In the comments below share your tips on how you stay more focused.

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