As an entrepreneur, it is important that you have the right tools under your belt to optimize your workflow so you can scale your business flawlessly! I am here to help you with my 7 Essential Tools for Running My Business. These tools have been tried and proven to be extremely beneficial in my success and I want to let you in on these amazing resources.

This post may contain affiliate links which mean I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend brands and products that I have personally used and love!

Project Management

ClickUp is the perfect platform to streamline your projects, customize your workflow, manage your processes, and even collaborate with multiple people at once. It is user-friendly with drag and drop features and has organization down to a science with templates, trays, calendar syncing, and integrations! It is also extremely affordable with the pricing option of FREE or an unlimited plan of $5 per month.

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Voxer is the miracle tool. Why? Because it creates instant voice communication giving us the ability to talk from ANYWHERE, at any time! Not only can you listen to people in real time but you are able to listen to recorded messages. You can even include media with voice messages.

Working with a team? You can create large group chats, voice to text transcription, and have access to all of your message history.

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Invoicing and Contracts

Dubsado is amazing because it puts multiple processes into one platform creating simplicity in client and workflow management. You can do your contracts, invoicing, and even scheduling through one system. Dubsado does more than just that, they also offer lead generation, accounting, project management, and even automation. It is a one and done deal.

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Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is untouchable in comparison to other platforms for email marketing. It provides a drag and drop creator so you can set up amazing campaigns with little to no effort (saving you a ton of time). The campaigns are easy to personalize so you can connect with your audience on a more personal level and you can find multiple types of emails so you can be sure to provide the right type of content too! That way you are able to talk to your audience as a whole or even based upon engagement!

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Discovery Calls

Calendly makes scheduling an absolute breeze for both you and the person you are meeting with. I use Calendly as a free option for my Discovery Calls. The platform works with your calendar and even checks your availability automatically. Further optimizing the experience, you can stay branded with a personalized link, have automated and customizable notifications and reminders, and there are even integrations available. If you want even more features, there are paid versions (which open options of text and sales integrations) available.

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Client Calls

I love to host my client calls on Zoom. I can record them and refer back to them.

Zoom has completely changed the face of video conferencing, especially for small businesses. One of my favorite features of Zoom is that I can host my client calls there and record them! This allows me to refer back to our videos, later on, allowing for the best client experience. You will also find great features such as screen sharing, HD Video and Voice, and availability on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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Canva for Work is the go-to design platform for affordable, professional, and faster design. All key points in a business! Canva does not require any design skills – it is a drag and drop platform. With Canva for Work, you can easily input your brand colors, fonts, and logos, putting your brand kit at the tip of your fingers for consistent imagery to define your content! It provides optimized sizing for every platform you are using your design on (social media, blog, email campaigns, etc). You will even find that you can share your templates with your team making outsourcing and creation an easy task.

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Bonus Features

All of these tools are very affordable and most of them offer a free trial so you can get your feet wet and learn how to navigate the platform! These tools are also very affordable and offer both monthly and annual rates. These features set you up to have the ability to integrate systems and catch up on any learning curves as well as having payment options that fit the financial needs of your business.

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