IMG_1265As far back as I can remember, I’ve worked. Naturally, my entrepreneurial mind got me started young and I was rocking the best lemonade stand in the neighborhood. Shortly thereafter, I graduated to babysitting and lifeguarding. Within a few years, I moved into the food sector and was a cashier at our local Baker’s Grocery store and then became a hostess at Ruby Tuesday. From a young age, I loved to travel. I’ve accepted jobs that took me across the country and around the world. I can literally say that I’ve done a little bit of everything from here to there. Eventually, I decided I wanted to work for myself. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, but I finally took the plunge a few years back and have never looked back.

Being my own boss is great. I have the amazing opportunity to work with incredible people. I also have the freedom and luxury to work wherever I want, whenever I want. Because I am a self proclaimed work-a-holic, I have a hard time turning off my brain. I’m working on this, but I truly love the business that I have created. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to be where and I am and do what I do. Here is a typical day in my shoes…

I usually wake up around 5:30 A.M. (without an alarm) every morning. I lay in bed and visualise my goals anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. I know that may sound crazy to some of you, but it really is beneficial for me. 

IMG_1264I then get up, get my gear on, and go do a 30-45 minute workout. I wear a weighted vest, have free weights and saved tons of challenging workouts on YouTube. I must have over 50 favorites anywhere from HIIT to strength training. What I choose on any particular morning definitely depends on my mood. Some days I know that I need a good sweat and other days I know that I need a Zen flow. I generally exercise 4-5 mornings a week. Starting years ago, self care has been a must for me. I have SO MUCH energy that it really helps to get me grounded and focused for the day. I do energy work and set an intention every day. I review my goals, write in my journal, put on essential oils, and grab a crystal that resonates with me.

I hang with my boys and chat with them before kissing them goodbye for school. I then hang out and chat with my husband, Graeme, for about 15 min before he heads out.

I officially start my work day just a little before 9:00 A.M. I have client calls Monday-Wednesday. I do my best to have ALL client calls under 30 min and completed in the mornings. I am very hands-on with my clients and work diligently for them, but with them. I try to leave Thursday and Friday open for strategizing, to complete projects and for those emergencies that pop up. 

I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast. I mainly eat a whole food plant based diet with a little sushi thrown in from time to time. I gave up “meat meat” in December of 2017 and never looked back. I take in as little dairy as possible. As for lunch, I generally snack. I might eat veggies and hummus, a Pho bowl or a veggie samosa.

IMG_1323I try my hardest to work from 9:00-4:00 or 5:00 depending on the day. I might sneak in a couple hours at night if I have an appointment during the day. I like to be done by 5:00 so I can help the boys with school work or take them to their practices. My family is my everything, but I have to work hard at turning off my work brain. Being present is extremely important. I have people I connect with all over the world so I might get a text from a podcast editor at 8 at night for instance and if it’s a hot project I will definitely answer. I do have boundaries and my clients know and respect them. I don’t work on weekends unless I choose to do so. 

I take 20-30 minutes every night before bed to plan out the next day for each and every clients – what is hot, what can wait, etc. If I don’t do this, my brain will wake me up at 1:00 am, mad at me for not planning ahead. Trust me I learned the hard way. 

I consider myself extremely lucky. I created my dream job. I work with amazing clients and have an incredibly supportive family. I truly love what I do.