Wow 2017 is officially upon us. Who else is super excited to achieve success in 2017? I personally have had an AMAZING first week back to work. My brain is firing on all cylinders and I even have two new clients starting. Woohoo!! Talk about being in the zone.

I had a goal of making a certain amount of money this month and I’ve already surpassed that. Yup I took the time to plan out how much money I want to make each month over the next 3-5 months and what I am going to do to make that happen.

This year is ALL about planning and taking it up a notch.
I love this time of year, and I get excited about letting go of last year and planning things out. I also get super psyched about the possibilities of what’s to come not only for me but my clients.


Yes we should be setting goals throughout the year, but there is something about this time of year that just feels different and gets us more jazzed for the new year. New beginnings I suppose. So take advantage of this high vibe energy and soak it up!So tell me, have you set your goals for the next 90 days?


And if you have written out your goals, do you have a plan around achieving them and becoming successful? Because if you don’t have a plan, then you are just wishing.


Remember hope is not a strategy.In order to be achieve success in all areas of your life and business you have to make success a habit. Something you do every day.


True success comes down to what you do, day in and day out, on repeat. You’ve gotta commit to doing things daily to set yourself up for success.

[ctt title=”True success comes down to knowing what you want and the type of person you NEED to BE to get it.” tweet=”True success comes down to knowing what you want and the type of person you NEED to BE to get it. @brigidward” coverup=”dLd1d”]

Success is a habit.

It’s what you do on a daily basis that determines your future.

You MUST treat success as a MUST-DO item on your daily to-do list. It’s more important than ANYTHING else. If you’re not laser-focused on success, and instilling daily habits that CREATE success, you’re done. You can set all the goals you want, but you won’t achieve them if you don’t have success on the brain at ALL times.

You must be doing things DAILY, on repeat, that make it near-impossible for you to NOT be successful! Success is then achieved in more areas than you could have ever imagined!


#1 – Make Success Your MISSION. I want you to live it, breathe it, own it. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to be successful. Don’t you? Take full responsibility for your own success and make it your mission in 2017. 

#2 – Be Consistent. If you have an email list, then connect with your tribe every week. Share tips and all your greatness on a regular basis. Don’t let a day go by where you aren’t connecting in some way shape or form. 

#3 – Commit to improving YOU. Read, take a course or program that you can fully commit to or attend an event that will take you to the next level in your business etc. Do what you need to do to ensure you’re ALWAYS learning more.

#4 – Your mindset is your #1 asset. Spend time each day working on your mindset. Do something that will improve your mindset every day, whether that’s journaling, meditation, affirmations, or visualizing. Improve your mind and improve your life.

#5 – Surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with people who lift you up.  And spend as little time with people who hurt your or don’t believe in you. Ensure you spend time with like-minded people that also crave success and support you in your goals and bigger vision.

#6 – Do Your “MIT” FIRST every day. Do your “Most Important Task” before anything else in your business gets done. This ensures that you get it done above anything else and that your day will be a success even if you get nothing else done.

#7 – Trust your intuition. When it comes to what you’re selling, how you’re selling, how you price your services, who you spend time with, what you participate in, how you show up, TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Do not let your head (where fear likes to hang out) direct you. You intuition will never fail you. If something seems like a bad idea and your gut is saying no, do NOT do it. On the other hand, if your gut is screaming YES!, you know you have to jump and DO IT.

Are you willing to do what it takes to succeed?

Trust me, you really can be, do and have EVERYTHING you want. You really can Achieve Success in 2017.

Take action now! {You know how I love action}