Do you remember how excited you felt when you first started your business? You were going to be your own boss. You wouldn’t have to answer to anyone else. You were going to make your own hours and stick to them. And then something changed.

What happened to grabbing a cup of coffee with your girlfriend once a week? What happened to spending more time with your friends and family?  If you feel like you’re tied to your laptop and just can’t seem to get away form it? Then something needs to change.

I know way too many entrepreneurs who were so excited to start their own businesses and yet they’re constantly working—like seriously online 24/7. I have to be honest, I don’t want that kind of life for you or myself. I love being a mom and wife and spending quality time with my family.

Brigid Ward and family on a hike
I see people posting on FB groups all weekend long and I think to myself, wow do they really need to be doing this or are they so desperate to get business that they feel like they NEED to do this. I’ve actually stopped following certain people because they post just too often.

It’s imperative to take time to regroup and remember why you started your business in the first place (Tweet this!)

Did you used to complain that you worked too many hours in your corporate job, and now you’re working even longer hours in your own business? If yes, something needs to change.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE working in my business. I could work on it all day long. But I also know I need to take the time necessary to regroup and grow as a person away from technology. Life is precious and fleeting.

I need to take breaks. I need to spend quality time with my kids and husband. I need date nights. I need weekends going on adventures. I need to be outside near the ocean. I need to live my life. And I guarantee you do too.

Are you one of those people who’s constantly on your phone? Your husband’s just arrived home and you say hi honey, but your phone is in hand and you are posting something on social media and you really don’t even pay attention to him? I know you’re driven to succeed. So am I. But you need to remember to take time off from work to regroup and nourish your mind and body.

Give yourself permission to step away and take some time off. (Tweet this!)

I will admit I was pushing myself like crazy a couple of weeks ago and I realized I was working WAY too many hours and not spending quality time with my family. I decided to step away from my computer and take some time off. We went for a hike as a family and went down to the beach and saw some adorable blue penguins. It was perfect!

Penguin Whisperer. Blue Penguin
It’s moment likes this with my family that fill me up inside. Moments  that remind me why I do what I do. I don’t ever want to have the Sunday night dreaded feeling of “Oh my God I have to go to work tomorrow.”I used to get the dreaded Sunday night blues all the time and I never get them now running my own business. This is why it’s so important to take time for yourself.I saw a post the other day in one of my FB groups and I was shocked to see how many of my fellow entrepreneurs have trouble taking time away from their computers. Some even said they didn’t know how to have fun. It really saddened me.I saw a woman on Christmas in the US working. It was Boxing day here in NZ and I just happened to see my phone light up and looked down and she was posting something about working on Christmas and I responded and said, don’t you ever take a day off? And she said I just love what I do so much. And that’s awesome that she love her business so much. So do I.But I love my family, my friends, my life more and I refuse to work myself into the ground. And you should feel the same way. It isn’t healthy for anyone to do this. You want to shine for your clients right? Well do yourself and them a favor, and look out for you. Think about how you can take care of yourself this week. Think about how you can nurture yourself. Maybe play a board game with your kids or if the weather isn’t too brutal go for a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air.Here are my top 4 tips to stop letting your business run you and your life:
1. Create boundaries for Yourself
Decide when you are logging off your computer each day. And stick to it. Do not check emails, do not post on social media, shut it down. You need to give yourself some down time. Enjoy your life. It is a gift and don’t take it for granted.This is huge for your success. You want to be able to connect to your inspiration and if you are constantly on your laptop and constantly pushing you won’t be able to listen to your intuition. You need time to unplug and hear what the universe has to tell you.
If you’re constantly pushing, you’re not allowing time to receive. This is imperative. (Tweet this!)2. Tap into what You love
If you love to get a pedicure, then by all means go get a pedicure. If you love to shop, then go shop. If you love to travel then plan a trip. I think sometimes just the planning process can be so much fun. And having it on the calendar as something to work towards makes it even more exciting.Either way, be true to you and do what you love. I know you might say, well Brig, I Love my business. Yes, we all love our businesses, but there has to be something else you love. Tap int your 10 year old self and remember what they loved to do. Treat yourself to what you love. Whether it’s going on a vacation or spending time with your kids. Do it.

3. Get present with your inner self
Take time everyday to get quiet and go within. Meditate for 5 minutes, focus on your breathing, write in a journal, or try tapping using EFT.
I am a big believer in all of these techniques and use them at some point everyday. When I am in alignment and not stressing about something, things flow easier for me. I am a better business woman, I am a better coach, I am a better friend, wife, mother, sister,  and daughter.

Getting present and finding the ease that we all desire is a must. (Tweet this!)

I woke up this morning and I was in a bad mood. I was going to work out, but decided to stop, drop and meditate. I took 15 minutes to meditate and then I did some EFT and just worked on releasing the icky feeling in my stomach. I could feel it letting go and I could feel the awful mood lifting.

I check in with myself daily, not just for me, but for my clients, my kids, my husband and everyone whom I come in contact with. I was lucky because I had almost an hour to myself to self nurture this morning. I even got in a 30 minute workout and when my boys and husband came down I felt great. I was in alignment and at ease.

4. Create a schedule that works for You
Focus on what you need to get accomplished each week. And determine exactly what that means to you. For me, I want to walk my boys to school everyday. So, I don’t schedule calls with clients before 9am. I schedule my social media marketing and write my blog posts on Mondays (this is Sunday in the US so it is nice and quiet for me). I like to work with my clients in the middle of the week.

The most important thing for me is to spend quality time with my husband and kids. I like to be there for my boys and help them with their homework and spend quality time on the weekends as a family. Whatever you do, create a schedule that works for you and follow it.You went into business to create the business and life you’ve always wanted. So Do It. (Tweet this!)

Don’t settle for anything less.

In the comments below, tell me how are you going to stop letting your business run you?

xo Brigid

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