I definitely consider myself a manifesting queen. Seriously when I want something I know how to get it through manifesting.

Now some of you may think I am a bit crazy, but I am serious and I will explain how.

I have manifested cars, houses, my husband, the perfect job, a move to NZ, a 6 figure job when I needed it once in NZ, the perfect job for my husband, amazing friends etc.

When I was much younger I felt like I couldn’t manifest anything – not that I was trying as I really didn’t know or understood manifesting. The bottom line I had no clue what manifesting was or how to do it. My life wasn’t awful, but there were things I would have enjoyed manifesting back then. I didn’t know what I know now and I can see that.

I started to learn about the Law of Attraction many years ago and at first I wasn’t completely sure how to make it work or even what I was doing. But the biggest game changer for me was adding gratitudes into my life. And I truly didn’t know what or why I was doing it other than it helped me to feel better. Note: this is KEY to manifesting.

I lost my dad 15 years ago last December. And I was so incredibly shocked and sad when he died. It shook me to my core.

As I was working through my grief I decided to purchase a journal where I decided that I would write down 3-5 things I was quote: Let's start with what we can be thankful for and get our mind into that vibration and then watch the good that starts to come. Bob Proctorgrateful for every night before I went to bed. I had to make sure I could recall things big or small from the day that I could write each night.

And I have to say there were some nights that it was very challenging for me to come up with 3-5 gratitudes. But I always found something to be grateful for even if it included my pillow and the roof over my head.

At the same time I created a vision board and started working more on my self development as well. I had always been into personal development but I really started to make this a priority in my life.

On this vision board I put pictures of things and people I wanted to have in my ideal life. One of the pictures was of a man with dark hair and a woman who looked a lot like me on a beach. They appeared to be in simple wedding clothes. Keep in mind I had never dated a man with dark hair but I liked the picture and the feeling it emanated.

Before my dad died I was able to share with him what I was looking for in a mate and just a few days later he died. So when I was creating my vision board it represented more about how I wanted to feel and what I wanted in my life going forward. And as a side note, I met my husband 3 months later and we were engaged 7 months after that and married another 8 months after that.

The key to manifesting anything in your life includes the following steps:
1. Get clear on what you want. Really think about what you desire in your life.
2. Write out what you want in the present tense. This is so important and many people write things like I want to have this or I hope to have this or I will have this. But that doesn’t work. Here is an example, “I have the most amazing partner in the entire world. He lights me up and makes me laugh all the time.” or “I have the most amazing clients who seek me out daily.” You get the idea.
3. Review your mantras, vision board or affirmations daily. If you have created a vision board and written out your dream life, make sure you look at them on a daily basis. (sometimes a couple times per day)
4. BELIEVE that what you want to attract in your life is actually possible. Oh my gosh this is so important. (this is for another blog, but I just realized something that I wasn’t manifesting and I was trying to figure out what was happening and realized shit, I don’t really think it’s possible. More to come on that topic.)
5. Next you must FEEL into your visions (written or visual). The more you feel the feeling of what you desire, the more you believe it is on its way. I am serious, get into the idea of being with your partner, or how it will feel running your successful company. How would it feel to be the successful CEO of your business?
6. Next, remember that the Universe has your back. I have a mantra on my desk that I look at often: “The Universe does all the heavy lifting.” (tweet this!)
Note: If you wake up and feel in a crap mood and review your mantras or affirmations etc., it won’t work. You really need to be in a place of excitement and appreciation. If you are feeling like oh this isn’t going to ever come true, you are absolutely right. It will never come true. Even if it takes months you need to keep believing

I also learned that the absolute three key skills I had to master included appreciation, enjoyment and allowing. When you become good at these three skills you will become an incredibly powerful creator.

It really is fairly simple when you break it down, focus and feel good. I learned to get great at appreciating, enjoying and allowing into my life and I have become an amazing at attracting what I want.

When you get good at these three skills you can literally start to supercharge your manifesting and what you attract.

If you feel like you can’t attract what you want into your life, I ask you to consider which of the three are you missing. Are you appreciating, enjoying or allowing enough into your daily life?

Let’s look at these three briefly:
Appreciation is one of the highest vibrations you can tap into, right along with love and joy.

As we have all learned like attracts like. Get into a state of appreciation and you will attract more things into your life that you can appreciate. (tweet this!)Woman on the beach: Happiness is a Habit

Enjoyment is probably something that gets missed most often. If you grew up with the belief that you have to work hard, put your nose to the grindstone to get anywhere in life. Then this principle can be a bit challenging to activate.

I grew up with that mindset too, but luckily for me, I have always been a big kid at heart and have really enjoyed living life to the fullest and having fun. And when I lost my dad I realized quickly that life is so precious and that I’ve got to live each day to the fullest and I viewed it as a gift. And that is how I live every day.

I probably enjoy the simple things the most. A beautiful sunset, puffy clouds, a butterfly, walking along the beach, my kids laughing etc. Enjoyment doesn’t have to cost money.

Finally, allowing. You know the saying, what you resist, persists. Basically, whatever we give attention to gets stronger.

So what you focus onQuote: Thoughts become things if you see it in your mind you will hold it in your hands. Bob Proctor is incredibly important. If you focus on the fact you hate your job and have a crap boss, then guess what you are going to get a whole lot more of the same. But if you focus on running your own successful business and being your own boss then that is what you are going to start to manifest.


Releasing resistance is imperative. If you continue to push against something it will become stronger. You must be able to let go of the battle, make peace before anything can start to change. This is hugely important.

When I am having technology issues and I get super upset and frustrated I continue to attract more issues. It will go from my WordPress site, to my phone, to my email service provider you name it. But when I let go of the emotions and change my frame of mind and take a deep breath everything changes.

It works without fail.

When you feel yourself pushing against something, recognize that it’s not helping to resolve the situation. (tweet this!) And practice being ok with that.

Sometimes I have even gone as far as being grateful for technology in the middle of an issue and just letting go and I swear I have woken up the next morning and everything is working perfectly. I have no idea what changed and I don’t even care. I just thank the universe and my technology and move on.

Of course we are going to get mad from time to time, it is only normal, but try not to stay in that space for too long.

So, allowing is all about letting things be how they are. Do not fight them. The more you can relax about things, the easier things will go.

So, ask yourself are you appreciating, enjoying and allowing in your life? If you do, you will start to become a manifesting genius. I kid you not.

Tell me in the comments below, what have you manifested into your life? Or what would you like to manifest into your life?

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