I’ve been a fan of decluttering for years now and I’ve seen drastic results in all areas of my life when I declutter. I tend to “spring” clean at least a couple times a year even if it isn’t spring time.

I love to eliminate clutter and get rid of the excess stuff that doesn’t add value or joy to our environment.

Less is truly more and has been my motto for years.

There’s something to the concept that decluttering leads to more money, more clients, and had a direct correlation to better opportunities into your life. Think about it.


The reason you’re not happy or able to easily chase down that BIG dream of yours might be right in front of you. Take a look around your office, your living room, or bedroom. How much crap do you have piled up around you? If you’re labeling the pile of stuff as things, junk, or crap, then it probably doesn’t mean that much to you. And if it doesn’t mean much, why are you still holding onto it?

If your environment is super cluttered and chaotic, think about how that cluttered space represents you and your current financial situation.

The things that you’re tolerating, especially if you’ve got broken or tattered items in your life, are a direct reflection of how you believe you deserve to show up in the world and what you believe you should receive.

Many times people think it’s better to have more stuff, even if they don’t necessarily like the “stuff.” More files, more emails, more toys, more books, more trinkets, more clothes, more shoes, more everything.


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Decluttering is great way to allow more of the ‘right’ things to come into your life.Whether that be money, or clients, or something specific that you really want. But the key is you have to eliminate and empty before you can refill.


You have to learn to let go of “stuff” that doesn’t work in your life with the faith that better is coming. If you hold onto things out of fear, then you’re showing the Universe that you don’t believe something better is possible and coming.


You have to make space first, before you can fill it up with something better. And you want to fill up your space and life with things of your choosing. You want things that have been chosen by you to keep and live with.


This has HUGE benefits with attracting and manifesting the right things into your life. You are telling the Universe that you’re not tolerating any old crap anymore. You’re only letting in the best and of your choosing.


I am a firm believer that physical clutter leads to mental clutter and emotional clutter. I know for a fact when my house gets messy my brain doesn’t function as well and my work suffers. If you are living and working with clutter it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. Think about this from a business point of view, you’ve got to clear out the space so you can bring in some creative ideas.

If you’ve got old business stuff from a failed business venture or old business cards get rid of it all, so you can create space for those new creative ideas to come through. All of this clutter lying around affects you and it affects your income. You’re more likely to take action in your business if you’re in a clean, decluttered environment.Decluttering leads to more money and more opportunities







Here are some ideas for what to start decluttering:
  • Go through and unsubscribe from emails and newsletters you don’t read
  • Delete bookmarks on your computer that you don’t need
  • Delete or archive books on your Kindle
  • Delete old contacts from your phone
  • Set up filters for your email account so you have an uncluttered inbox
  • Declutter your desk and your office drawers
  • Clean up your desktop on your computer. Put things into file folders so that when you open up your computer it’s neat and tidy.
  • Clean up your Facebook news feed
  • Recycle, trash or delete old marketing materials
  • Fire clients you don’t want to work with anymore
  • Go through and delete or remove yourself from at least 5 Facebook groups that add nothing to your day. I guarantee you have 20 too many already, so start by getting rid of 5 today.
  • Say no to networking groups that have become an obligation, not a joy
  • Retire yourself from volunteer positions you no longer want to serve
  • Cancel subscriptions that you never use
  • Do an audit of all business expenses
  • Quit friends and colleagues who drain you. If they don’t add joy and fun to your life, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Go through your closet and donate clothes that you are holding onto.
  • Donate those books that you thought you wanted to keep, but realize they are just taking up space.
  • Donate those DVDs that you haven’t watched in years.


Action brings clarity which will ultimately bring you more income, clients and opportunities.


As I said, I’m super passionate about decluttering, it has changed my life in so many ways. Whenever I get stuck in my business or my life I go through and review my business, my house my computer and see what has gotten cluttered up. And I always find something that I have let get too cluttered and chaotic and go through and “fix it up”.

Remember, decluttering will absolutely change your business, your income and your results. When you get stuck and think, “What else can I do to achieve my goal?” Stop, drop and go declutter. Go clean something out. Go throw some old stuff out. I promise you, it will feel amazing.


I can help you take the right actions to get the results you really want. If you’re struggling with chaos and clutter in your business. If you’re busy being busy that’s no way to run a business. I will help you focus on the right things and take the right actions to get you making money and attracting more clients. To find out how, click here.

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