Over the weekend I made sure to have a super relax and chill weekend after a pretty full-on week last week. I was single parenting while hubby was in NYC. Plus, I didn’t feel well and so much more. 😉

I woke up Sunday morning super early and I went out to sit in front of the fire place. It was quiet and I made sure to grab a cup of coffee and my journal and started to dive into my thoughts and feelings. I let myself just write and write and think about what lights me up inside both in my life and in business. It’s important for me to think about all the things I really want to happen in my life and why I want them to happen.

When I do this, there’s really only one outcome I want to happen, and it’s the only outcome we all want in life – To Be Happy. Happiness is Key! The reality is, we all just take different paths to getting there. For some, it’s finding the perfect partner, for others, it’s having an abundance of cash, or a successful business – what is it for you, right now?

We all want to be happy, yet for some reason, in the smallest and most simple things in life, we don’t ‘allow’ ourselves to see or feel those moments of happiness, that are generally free and right under our nose, because instead we allow what we’re unhappy with to consume us.

Do you often wake up in the morning rushing around, checking your phone, reading emails before you’ve had a chance to just sit and meditate, or write in your journal or hug your hubby or kids?

If you want more happiness in life, to begin with, you simply need to allow yourself to observe the beauty of the moment, and permit yourself to do that without the thoughts of everything else you think you should be doing getting in the way.  Don’t allow yourself to let your attention drift to the things going wrong in your life, that you feel are so important you have to immediately fix them before you can be happy. Or worse yet, dwell on the things going wrong just because…{yup been there done that}


I wish for your happiness, just as I wish for it for myself.

Let’s be honest, I had a pretty rough couple of months (who am I kidding…it’s been a rough year). Things felt off for me. Even though I had my highest month ever in my biz in September, I also worked a ton of hours and was struggling to find the balance. I got sick, I was struggling with being here in TX and missing my friends, and so much more.

I allowed myself to honor the struggle as Brendon Burchard talks about. And I kept going back to my mindset (happiness) practice (maybe not as much as I should have initially but I finally got there). I wrote in my journal. Hugged my hubby and kids. I walked outside and savored my food. Journaled as I sat in front of the fire place and I made sure to get a work out in. I did all the things that make me smile.

And guess what?

Things started to fall back into place. It didn’t happen over night, but things got clearer.

Clarity is sometimes all you need.


I even let go of a couple of clients that didn’t fit where my business is heading. EEK!

Yes, I was afraid to do this, because hey, they’re paying me money right? Saying no to someone who’s paying me money, that’s weird? But in order for me to take my business to where I want it to go, I had to do this. And I absolutely know it was the right decision on so many levels.

I have a desire to work with clients who want me and my team to really step in and support them strategically and run their marketing, manage their projects, run their social media etc. #doallthethings

I am telling you this because it’s not all rose petals, rainbows and unicorns. There are struggles, and tough decisions, and growing pains etc. BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do and I love my clients.

Doing your mindset work, and finding your happiness is key to your success and
finding your own clarity.

It may take awhile to find your happiness, but KEEP DOING THE WORK! Your happiness is key. It’s an ongoing practice that has to happen daily. Trust me, a few weeks back I was really wondering if I was going to find it, but I stayed the course….

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can have all the systems, funnels and strategies in place, but if you don’t work your mindset, you’ll eventually fail. It truly is 90% of your success.

Think about this…