Confused about your business?Have you ever stressed about what your first blog post was going to be about? I have been really caught up in the whole idea of what I should come out and discuss for this first one. Do I tell you about me, what I love, what I did before I decided to start my own business? Why I am qualified to help you start your business and what do I bring to the table etc.?

I must tell you, this was a tough blog to write. In fact, I think I wrote a total of 5 different blogs when it was all said and done. I guess on the bright side, I have 4 other blogs that I will be using later on. So, that is a good thing. =)

A little bit about me. I have helped many individuals on the side with their marketing, social media, and getting their businesses in a better position, all while working full-time. I worked in Corporate as a Marketing Communications manager, Social Media manager, and Account Director over the years. What this means, is that I have loads of experience in getting results driving innovative marketing and social media programs within large corporations. I finally decided in 2014 that I had enough of working for somebody else and fulfilling their dreams and decided to pursue my own dreams.

So I quit my job, and pursued my passion of helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business. I know that there are so many details to care of when setting up and creating a business that it can really get overwhelming. I don’t want to see any more individuals feel so stressed that they simply give up on their business dream. I want to help you, hold your hand if need be and walk you through exactly how to get your business up and running. Personally, I am not a group learner, I prefer the one-on-one attention, and that is how I want to work with you.

I am here as a Business Coach and Consultant to help individuals who have a desire, a burning desire to start and run their own business. Some people hate the word coach, but I actually love it. And I will tell you why. I am a HUGE sports fan, I am talking cuckoo for cocoa puffs sports fanatic. If I didn’t love working and helping people so much and love getting outside and enjoying the beach and spending time with my guys, I seriously could watch sports all day long.

Playing soccer.

My son taking on two defenders.

In my personal life, I coach my son’s soccer team and love helping grow these young boys into becoming better, more heads up soccer players. It warms the cockles of my soul to see them grow and find the confidence in their play. I drill them, I train them, I help them grow into being the best little soccer players they can be. And that is why I love the word coach.

CoachI view a coach as someone who is there to train you, push you, help you reach your potential and go beyond. It is someone who helps you explore your desires, your skills and your thought processes to assist you in making real, lasting change. It is someone who observes, listens and asks questions to understand your situation. And it is someone who helps you to set appropriate goals and assessing your progress in reaching these goals.

The benefits of working with me is that currently my programs allows for individual one-on-one attention and tailored programs created around your specific needs. If you are a total rookie and just have an idea about a business you want to start, then you are in the right place. Or if you’ve started your business but need assistance in overcoming specific obstacles, like defining your target audience or figuring out your pricing, your programs or how to position yourself as an expert in your field. I can help.  

I can also help you develop your social media plan, marketing strategy, or pushing you to follow through on your dreams. I think as women we tend to have these dreams, but we push them down because it just isn’t the right time or place.  The little voice in your head says, “I have a beautiful little bundle of joy now,  I can’t even think about starting a business.” or “I am just too overwhelmed with all the things that need to get done, and I don’t have the foggiest idea where to start.”

“Life is hard yard by yard, but inch by inch it’s a cinch.” This is a saying my mother used to say to us growing up. 

Well that is where I come in. I want to help those people who are overwhelmed with everything that goes into starting a business, those who are at information overload, and can’t seem to shut it off. I want to help you and take you step-by-step(or inch by inch) through the process of getting your business set up and rocking! I want you to be in a position where you are earning $5k a month on a regular basis. Because once you are earning $5k, then it can only go up from there and we can make slight tweaks to turn up the volume at that point in time. Bottom line, I want to help you!

Every week I will send you tips and tools for starting and running your business and a bit of inspiration for your life.  I’d love for you to leave comments or ask questions along the way. And if you have a burning issue that needs attention, don’t hesitate to send me an email at I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Finally, if you know the time’s right and you are ready to start that business you so desire, then I invite you to explore a free Business Breakthrough call and find out more about my 90 days to Unleash your Dream Business.

To unleashing your dreams,

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