Hey Peeps, So my hubs Grae¬†and I have officially moved to the Woodlands, TX for his job. And to say this move has been hard is an understatement. But it’s also given me a big eye opener on some things. It’s reminded me about the importance of looking on the bright side of things.

Currently, we have our eye on a gorgeous home. It’s an entertainer’s delight and an absolutely stunning place with practically everything we’ve been looking for. We officially put in an offer yesterday and now we wait. ūüėȬ†

However, this experience brought up a lot of emotions from when we bought our very first home in San Francisco 13 years ago. It was a crazy market and we missed out on several homes by tens of thousands of dollars. It was depressing.

I recall when we came across “our home” one Tuesday night and I was so excited because it was literally the perfect place for us. It had everything single thing we wanted.

The next day I was talking to one of my work colleagues and we struck up a conversation about the house, so naturally I was super excited to chat about it. 

To my surprise, her response to my excitement was one of my least favorite phrases ‚Äst“just don’t get your hopes up.”¬†

I literally hate this phrase, it brings upon such a sinking and annoying feeling inside. 

And although the woman who said it  meant well (after all, the SF market was very competitive when it came to housing at that time!), but the underlying message of that phrase is actually quite toxic. 

It’s basically like telling someone to expect and prepare for disappointment. It encourages you to keep your hopes and dreams in check, because if you’re dreaming big you’re just going to be let down and disappointed.¬†

What a depressing perspective, right?! 

Considering that¬†our thoughts create our reality, if we’re always preparing ourselves for the worst,¬†playing it safe and “not getting our hopes up,” then isn’t that the very recipe for a self-fulfilling prophecy?¬†

Our thoughts are powerful, and that’s why I believe it’s imperative to develop a positive, resilient mindset when it comes to business ‚Äď and when it comes to everyday life, too.¬†

Will there still be moments of disappointment? Hell yes. But in my opinion it’s better to believe that amazing things are possible and give your dreams a chance to unfold, than to stay stuck in a place of pessimism, doubt and fear.¬†

And even if something doesn’t happen as planned, I truly¬†believe that everything is happening for the greater good.¬†

In looking back we lost of lot of homes before we found THE home. In the end¬†I was thrilled that we “lost” all the previous houses that we had because the house we ended up with was absolutely perfect for us. It literally had everything we wanted and then some.¬†¬†

I love this quote by Steve Jobs quote:¬†“Believe that things will work out…follow your intuition and curiosity…trust your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path…You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future…”

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I’ve found these words¬†to be so true in my own life. When I was much younger I used to worry about why things didn’t seem to be working out for me and I constantly worried about what life had in store for me. But thankfully, throughout the years of uncertainty¬†I still kept my hopes up, because I knew that there was something better out there for me ‚Äď something big ‚Äď even if I couldn’t see it clearly at the time.¬†

In fact, I realized that I had the power within my own mind to focus on what was possible, rather than focus on what I feared was impossible. 

I made the decision to do everything I could to visualize what I wanted and to truly believe it would happen. I read books, listened to affirmations, read tons about mindset and success, etc.

And you know what…things¬†were¬†happening all along in my life, even when I feared they weren’t. Everything was truly falling into place, even when I couldn’t see it. The Universe¬†did¬†have my back. In fact it always has my back. I was¬†never¬†alone. I was¬†not¬†without purpose or hope.¬†My dream life¬†was¬†already on its way.¬†

And now, looking back, I’m grateful for those moments ‚Äď the times when things appeared to “not be working out.”¬†Moments when some might have said I should stop getting my hopes up and just face the disappointment.¬†

Those moments had their purpose, and each of those moments led me to where I am today. 

If you too know deep down that you’re meant for something bigger, trust that it’s on its way.¬†

Don’t let anyone tell you your hopes are too high, your dreams are too big, or your goals too lofty.¬†

Know that the things you desire are available to you. It may take time and it’ll certainly take persistence, but trust that there’s a purpose for you and a reason for your journey.¬†


I wanted to share with you a podcast interview that I was on recently called the Audacious Mamas РInspiration and Strategies for Mompreneurs by Stephanie Roberts. 

Here is the the link to my episode:

Diving in and Creating Online Businesses that Allow You to Work from the Soccer Field

It’s definitely one you want to listen to. I had so much fun doing the interview with Stephanie and if you’re a mother and juggling biz and family, you definitely don’t want to miss¬†this episode. ¬†


{Hopefully next time I’ll be able to update you on the house purchase}



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