Do you have a burning desire to make a change? Do you have a goal that you want to achieve more than anything else?

So, what are you going to do differently in your life now in order to achieve your goals?

If you want to keep doing what you are doing that’s fine.

But you won’t change anything.

If you want to make a change you actually need to make a change. You have to do something differently and NOW.

Are you willing to let go of your old stories and give birth to your new stories and ideas for how you want to be seen and heard in the world?

As Les Brown says, “in order to do something you’ve never done, you must become somebody you’ve never been.”

You truly have to be willing to push yourself to do more and be more. Are you willing to do this day in and day out?

Get uncomfortable and challenge yourself. (tweet this!)

Find the courage. The courage to believe in who you are and what you have to say.

Yes, you can make a decision today to change. But if you don’t start positive self-talk and supporting your goals every day and STOP being a volunteer victim nothing will change.

There were times in my life that I doubted my own ability to achieve success. I used to ask, what am I doing wrong?

My thinking was a HUGE part of this. I was caught in fear and the self doubt trap.

You must counteract these flawed self limiting beliefs.

It’s TOTALLY Possible

It all starts with you and your mindset. (tweet this!)

Start believing in you. Choose “I believe..” that you can be a certain way and believe that you can change. You may tell yourself a story and it’s been your story for quite some time.

What happens if you change that story? What if you were always the wall flower? Quiet one? You can change that story.

START today to change the dialogue in your head. (tweet this!) 

The most difficult thing you will ever do in your life is to believe in YOU.

How we live our life today is the story that we created about our life. We have believed everything that is happening in our life, because that is what we were told from a young child.

We didn’t realise we CAN change these stories, these inner dialogues.

In order to be successful you MUST to be willing to do the things others won’t do. You MUST program yourself for success.

Your mind is a machine and can be programmed for success.

There is more in you then is reflective in your bank account or reflective in your life. (tweet this!)

In order to break into the level of greatness and success you desire, you need to consciously expose your mind to positive messages EVERY day.

In order to make a greater impact:

  • Listen to motivational/positive messages everyday and this will help you to interrupt the story in your mind
  • Read 10 pages of positive messages in books 7 days a week. Expose yourself to these message and it will impact your behaviour. This is KEY!
  • Upgrade your friendships – allow yourself to befriend friends who are making money. Money that you truly desire. Associate with people who are making more money than you. Align yourself with people who you can learn from. If you are the smartest person in your group of friends, you need to find a new group. 😉
  • Write down the goals that you want to achieve and read them throughout the day and weeks.

What are you going to do differently in your life in order to achieve your goals?

If you want to keep doing what you are doing that is fine. But you won’t change anything.

Are you ready to step into their greatness and become who you are meant to be? Sign up for a 30 minutes Discovery call today.


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