How are you setting the tone for your day? Do you wake up exhausted because you went to bed late and slept badly?

Are you waking up feeling rushed and scattered?

Does your day run you or do you run your day? (tweet this!)

I ask these questions because your day starts the moment you lay down at night and decide when you are going to wake up the next morning.

Do you wake up sluggish and tired and wishing for another 30 minutes of sleep?

Or do you wake up, and take time for yourself in the morning? Do you take time to move your body, center your thoughts, visualize your dreams, set your intentions, read and possibly journal?

If not, why not?

The most successful people in the world have a morning routine that they do every day. (tweet this!)

I know that most super successful people have a morning routine of some sort because it helps to set the tone for the day. It allows you to decide how your day is going to be from the beginning.

I have a morning routine that I do every day without fail. I’ve changed my routine around over the years, but the one I am doing now is brilliant and takes anywhere from an hour to 1.5 hours to complete.

But I could shorten it to as little at 20 minutes if I wanted to, but I don’t.

I highly encourage you to find one if you don’t do one now.

Doing something that others refuse to do will give you an edge in your life and support you in finding success. (tweet this!)

For me, I love to work out in the morning. I rarely set an alarm. AndI usually wake up just after 6am and I get up and get my workout gear on and head downstairs to get my sweat on.

But lately what I have started meditating first, writing in my journal for a few minutes, and visualising my goals and dreams coming to fruition before working out.

While I work out I will spend time going through rampages of appreciation. I love to review all the many blessings in my life because it gets me into a really high vibe.

I encourage you to map out what your ideal morning looks like and start to implement it today. Is it reading something inspiring, writing out affirmations, journaling, meditating, visioning, smudging, working out, yoga, running, tapping, or a mixture of all of the above?

Whatever you do try and find something that will allow you to get control of your day and allow you to decide how your day is going to run.

Side note:
I heard from a friend who said she didn’t do any morning ritual because her house was too small and she thought her boys would just make fun of her if she was caught working out. I call Bullshit!

My boys have witnessed me mediating and working out pretty much since the day they were born so it is nothing new for them. But if they did have an issue, guess what….I am the parent right?

So if they did “make fun” of me you can guarantee that I would explain to them the importance of working out not only our bodies but our minds. And personally, I wouldn’t stand for them making fun of me. And if that didn’t work, let’s just say I have control of the internet and xbox. 😉

Bottom line, your kids or partner making fun of you should NEVER be an excuse for not doing something for you.

How are you going to take back your mornings and set your day on the right path? What can you start doing to set your mind and day off onto the right path of success?

Map out what your ideal morning looks like and start to implement it today.

Make it happen because YOU deserve it. You are worth it. Don’t ever forget that. (tweet this!)

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