There is no hardened fast rule about whether or not you are ready to hire an Online Business Manager (OBM). However, I have to some key tips and insights I want to share with you given I am an OBM and am lucky to work with some incredible clients.


After working with a client whom I thought was a “dream” client this blog post popped into my head. I knew it had to be written.
I saw this woman rocking it online. She was smart, sweet, and looked like she was super successful and taking the online coaching world by storm. I really thought she was ready to take her business to the next level.


She was super excited to hire me and had all the confidence in the world, but she was missing a few key traits in order to be truly successful.


And the reality is, these three traits are imperative. They will either keep you where you are…or take your business to the next level.


I have worked with many different entrepreneurs and I can tell you instantaneously if you are ready or not to hire an Online Business Manager. (Plus you can grab my top 5 questions to ask before hiring an OBM here.)

3 Key Traits you MUST have in order to hire an Online Business Manager:

Number 1:
You MUST know how to communicate. This is so important. If you are working with an OBM you are paying good money for their strategy, support, vision, their marketing abilities etc. The faster you two can connect and get onto the same page, the easier everything else flows inside the business. And in the end you can to stay in your zone of genius and you can let your OBM do the rest. That’s how it’s supposed to work. If you have a request of your OBM, make it clear and be available for follow up questions straight away. Don’t leave it for days and days. This is a business, with goals to achieve, so let’s make that happen together.
Number 2:
You MUST be clear in your vision, goals, and what you want to achieve and get done. This is an absolute must. If you aren’t clear on where you are heading with your business, how is your support team going to help you achieve your goals. You want everyone heading in the same direction.


A VA is a doer. You give them a task, “schedule these 5 emails,” make it super clear and they do it for you. End of story. An OBM is someone who is hired as a strategic partner and thinker. They can see the bigger vision and will push you to look outside your comfort zone and push beyond the norm. Think of an OBM as your right hand person, your COO. The person you connect with weekly and potentially daily to decide on what is going to launch, when, how it will be marketed, how to engage your list. They will manage the overall project schedule, the team and make sure everyone is on the same page.


[ctt title=”If you ARE ready to have a right hand person on your team, then you ARE ready to hire an OBM.” tweet=”If you ARE ready to have a right hand person on your team, then you ARE ready to hire an OBM. ” coverup=”Gvs8C”]


And the third and final piece to the puzzle….
Number 3:
You must be willing to hear someone else’s opinion. Yes an OBM works for you, but you are hiring them because they are strategic and they have a great deal to offer. An OBM is not just a doer, they are a thinker. They aren’t going to sit by and just watch you stagnate. They are going to push you and support you in striving for new goals etc. An OBM will voice their opinions, because that’s why you hired them. My clients love me for my support, strategic thinking, and my ability to help them see the bigger picture. Plus I can project manage the heck out of most anything. 😉


Unless you are ready and willing to communicate on a regular basis, have a clear idea of where you are heading and what you want to achieve and are willing to hear someone else’s opinion then you aren’t ready to hire an OBM.


It’s that simple.


Ask yourself, are you are ready to jump into “bed” with a team member who will care about your business (literally) as much as you? At least that’s how I treat my clients and their businesses. I support them and care for them like I care for my kids. They mean so much to me. They are truly like family.


Let me ask you, are you ready to hire an Online Business Manager?


Grab my top 5 questions to ask your future Online Business Manager. Grab it here.