I have an AWESOME tip to share that will literally save you time and money, but first I have a story to share with you that will help illustrate my tip.
Long long ago, in a far away land….ok not that kind of story.

There once was an entrepreneur who was just starting out. Her name was Sally (she’s fictitious, but pulled from a plethora of people). She was incredibly passionate about her work, she was educated and wanted to support others more than anything else in the world.

Sally’s mission in life?

To help women uncover their true why and find peace within…at last.

Sally noticed another successful online business owner – a woman she really admired – was offering group programs for her clients. She felt like this would be the perfect opportunity for her ideal clients to bond, learn from one another, for women to gather, exchange ideas, chat, and support one another.

“THIS IS GOING TO BE PERFECT!” she thought to herself.

At first glance, this seemed like a great idea.

Except… it wasn’t.

Sally tried – really hard – to get women to join her group program but women just weren’t into it.

Why? Upon reflection… there were a whole lotta reasons.

For one thing, her ideal clients didn’t know they needed to find “peace within.” They were powerhouses and didn’t want to look weak amongst a group of other women in a group setting. The other issue was, Sally didn’t have a very big list. And she skipped some very key steps. She hadn’t nailed how to sell her services.

[ctt title=”If you can\’t sell to one person how can you sell to multiple people? ” tweet=”If you can’t sell to one person how can you sell to multiple people? Read more here http://ctt.ec/_U6Mb+ @brigidward” coverup=”_U6Mb”]

What did she do? She decided to jump on some FREE calls with her ideal client to find out what she really needed and asked how she could support her.

And another thing: after having conversations with some of her ideal clients, Sally discovered that her ideal clients need 1:1 support. They need self-paced work, and they do NOT like group programs at this stage in their journey.

She didn’t let this experience stop her from following her dream. She learned from this experience, regrouped, listened to what her clients were asking for, and launched something different – this time, with much better results.

Moral of the story?

Before you put a ton of time, energy or resources into creating a new product, service, or even a free experience for your business community… pause for sec.

Ask yourself, “Does this actually make sense for my community?”

If your ideal client is a busy mother of 2 kids under 3” who barely has time to take a shower… is she going to enjoy a fast-paced 30-day challenge where she has to tune in daily for videos, worksheets and more? No Way! It’s WAY too stressful for her to commit and it simply won’t work for this busy mama.

Or… maybe your ideal client is an introvert and they cherish their quiet time, getting unplugged, and intimate experiences. Is she going to feel excited and pumped at the idea of joining a massive online group program filled with thousands of other members? Heck no!

I want you to take a moment and think about your ideal client. Who are you trying to reach?

I will be honest I don’t love the traditional client avatar, but I do want you to think about their lifestyle, their preferences, their personality, the social media platform(s) they prefer, their wants, their needs, and of course their struggles.

Think it over.

What’s the best option for them?

What makes the most sense for them?

What do they specifically need, if anything?

Your program or your service has to solve an issue or struggle for them. And it has to feel pleasurable – that’s for sure.

So if what you have been “putting out there” hasn’t resonated the way you wanted it to, you might want to take a step back and re-evaluate what your client really needs.

Ask yourself, “Whose needs have I been putting first lately? My clients’ needs? Or just mine?”

Find that beautiful sweet-spot where “your needs” overlap beautifully with “theirs,” that’s the golden ticket.[ctt title=”Find that sweet-spot where your needs overlap with your client\’s needs. That’s the golden ticket.” tweet=”Find that sweet-spot where your needs overlap with your client’s needs. That’s the golden ticket. via @brigidward http://ctt.ec/n0AB5+” coverup=”n0AB5″]

If you have any questions or concerns on how this is done, hit me up. Or better yet, sign up for a FREE call with me today.


Brigid Ward

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