Just a little over a year ago, I was a struggling coach. I was completely clueless on how this online game world even worked. I was literally throwing anything and everything against the wall, hoping it would stick. I had no idea where to find my clients and if they would even pay me for my services.

I had no game plan.

I thought when I built my website that people would just show up and want to hire me, because they’re mind readers and they somehow would know instantaneously I was the one that could help them. Boy how wrong I was. And trust me they didn’t come. =)

I had to think outside of the box, get outside my comfort zone, and separate myself. I had to come up with a Marketing plan that resonated with me and incorporated more than just FB ads and spending loads of money. {Don’t get me wrong, I still believe FB ads are important, but I wasn’t ready to use them a year ago)

Have I done everything right? Nope. But what I did made a big difference in my business and helped me attract my ideal clients.

And it all came down to the following three words. Know Like and Trust. I had to build up my KLT factor in a way that made sense to me and my business. Here is what I did to give you a bit of insight.


KNOW: I had to get over my visibility issues. I had to be seen and heard by my ideal clients. I had to start connecting and getting known amongst my peers and connect with people who potentially needed my help. I started connecting,  making friends, networking, keeping up with my social media, and taking part in other coaches’ programs. Bottom line, I HAD to put myself out there.

LIKE: I had to share value. I had to give more. I had to write blogs, do challenges, write newsletters etc. I wanted to be of service and add VALUE. {But trust me there is more value that I want to share in 2016 – stay tuned} And the other part of the Like factor was to be me. Yup, I had to be ok with who I was and share it with my ideal clients.

TRUST: Making it in the online world is all about consistency and taking consistent action. This is where you start to build the trust factor. Dig deep, find out what your potential clients need and start creating it on a consistent basis. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to get created and you need to be consistent. Don’t worry if it’s already been done before. Do it anyway, because you will bring your own unique flare to whatever it is you’re creating. And for darn sake be consistent. This is where you build your trust factor with your ideal clients.


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Do you still need help figuring it all out? How to market yourself, grow your know like and trust factor in a way that is authentic and 100% you and ultimately attract your ideal clients?

Sign up here to get a FREE call to learn more. I can help you determine the exact steps you need to take to get your message out easily and effortlessly and attract your Ideal Clients.

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