Growing a business can be quite a masculine feat, and as women we often forget to nurture our feminine side.

You may ask what does this all mean Brigid?

Masculine energy can be defined as focused, direct, pushing and action-oriented. Let’s just say it gets the job done.

Masculine energy comes in when you are creating a content plan and launch plan with dates, working on your budget and pushing to make sales.

I will be the first to admit, I have a very strong masculine side. Countless people and clairvoyants have told me this. I was a total ‘tom boy’ growing up. I have 5 brothers, I LOVE sports, and I still live in a household full of stinky boys. 😉

But I love being female, and getting dressed up on occasion. I just sometimes forget to take care of me. Yes, I still prefer to be in my converse and t-shirts, but that doesn’t mean I’m not feminine and need to nurture that side of me.

Feminine energy is all about inspiration, tapping into your intuition, and creativity. It’s more fluid, kind of like the waves of an ocean.

The feminine energy in your business is where you spend time being the creator of new wonderful programs and thinking about the vision for your business.

Now here is the KEY! Are you struggling to make money in your business?

If we are too into the masculine side of our business we are too rigid, structured and pushing all the time.

And if we go too far into the feminine side of our business we don’t get anything done. We spend our days dreaming, coming up with amazing programs and not taking action.

There has to be a balance between feminine and masculine energy in our businesses to be successful. (tweet this!)

And it will be different for everyone.

As I mentioned earlier I have a high masculine energy. So I’ve learned to listen to my feminine side and tap into my intuition more. But this wasn’t always the case for me. I had to learn to give my feminine side permission to shine through and show up in my business.

Focus on what feels good in your business and take action in alignment. (tweet this!)

I started out my business pushing, and pushing and saying “should” and “need” a lot. I recall my coach calling me out on this early on. But the problem was I was so new to being an entrepreneur that I really didn’t understand what she meant by all that.

She said things like, instead of chasing after your desires be magnetic to them. I had to learn to let my desires come to me, and become masterful at receiving. This was something a bit new to me, but I was so ready for it.

Instead of chasing after your desires be magnetic to them. (tweet this!)

I decided to take notice and catch myself whenever I used those type of masculine words. And when I did I stopped and checked in with myself and asked, ‘how does this feel and how will it benefit my ideal clients both current and future?’

I decided to slow down enough so that I could hear my heart beat, listen to my own breathe, relax my shoulders and just check in with how I was feeling.

The more I stopped pushing and started listening to what felt good and what lit me up inside, the more things started to fall into place. I started to show up in my business in a whole new way. People were attracted to my energy and seeking me out.

Stop pushing and start listening to what feels good in your business and take action on that.  (tweet this!)

There is a reason we all go into business for ourself and choose this kind of lifestyle— it’s because we desire Freedom.

Learning to stop pushing and start leaning into our desires, and creating these new habits WILL NOT FEEL EASY IN THE BEGINNING. And they’re not supposed to. It is part of stepping outside our comfort zone.

Here’s a suggestion on how to best have the masculine and feminine energy working together in support of your business.

Let the masculine energy work to set up all the systems and structures in your business. This includes, your email systems, your accounting system, project management system, marketing system etc. You will have your business running like a well-oiled machine.

And then allow the feminine energy to unleash her creativity and allow her intuition to guide you.

When the feminine energy has these strong structures in place to support her, she suddenly feels safe, supported and able to release her beauty and creativity to the world.

As a result, what gets created by you in your business is aligned to your higher being and this in turn attracts and magnetizes your ideal people to you.

If you really want to make money and create a truly successful business you want to connect your masculine energy with your feminine energy in support of growing your business.

Want to make money & create a successful biz? Connect your masculine & feminine energy within your biz. (tweet this!)

When I finally did this, I had my first 5k month. Everything became so much easier and I had so much more fun.

So if you are struggling to make money in your business I’d love to know if your masculine and feminine energies might be out balance in your business. If you think they are, what do you do to get yourself back into balance? Please share in the comments below.

P.S. If you need a bit of support, that’s where I come in! Sign up for a Business Breakthrough session with me today to learn more.

Here’s to balancing our masculine and feminine energies and being successful.

xo Brigid


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