A couple of weeks ago I took some time to recharge my batteries, to get away, to rest, and relax with my family. We snuck out of town and rented a bach (which is kiwi for a cabin by the beach). It was amazing and exactly what I needed.

Many¬†people might prefer to jet off to Paris and stay at the George V hotel. And that is awesome, but I have to be honest that really isn’t me. Yes I met my hubby in France 16 years ago. And we’re planning our 15th wedding anniversary there next year. But we’ll be staying at an Airbnb because I love mingling and connecting with the locals and hanging out where the locals do. That’s me through and through. Plus it helps I do speak french. ūüėČ

For this weekend getaway we went to nature. I LOVE getting into nature. I love listening to birds chirping, waking up with the sun, trying to count theBrigid and Grae overlooking water stars but losing count because there are just too many in the night sky to actually count. This is absolute bliss to me. {And to think I used to date a guy back in university that I had to convince to go camping with me. Amazing huh!}

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, laundry, traffic is bliss.

This weekend was exactly what I needed and what we needed as a family. My hubby travels quite a bit for his job. And sometimes when he is home he is busy on his computer, or doing something for the football club or playing video games with the boys. We always seem to be connected to some device or running off to some activity.

Getting away where we only had spotty 3G at best was AMAZING, and we had no real way to charge our devices so we couldn’t use them much.

We woke up with the sun everyday and pretty much went to bed with the sun at night (which meant bedtime was at 8:30pm for all of us).

By taking time away from electronics including phones, computers, ipads, and TV it allowed us to relax and get centered. I spent time reading and writing in my journal. My oldest son read two books and my youngest read 4 books. (He even read one of my older son’s books).

We played card games, threw the ball around, hiked, rock hopped, walked along the beach, kayaked, talked, laughed and listened to the world around us.

family pictureThe¬†days felt like they lasted FOREVER. We’d look at our watch and be starving and it was only 10am. And then the next time we’d think it must be time for dinner and it was only 2pm. It ‘s interesting when you don’t have the constant hustle and bustle of life dictating to you, how much time slows down.

This time away allowed me to really tap into what I want the rest of the year to look like and feel like in my business AND¬†personal life. So many people don’t realize just how much the two are intertwined.

Taking the time to step away and eliminate ALL the distractions allowed me to tap into what makes the most sense for me and my business and determine where I want my business to go next.

I highly recommend if you haven’t done something like this to do it. Take a day, a night a weekend away from ALL electronics and see how your creative juices start to flow. And notice just what bubbles up to the service. I guarantee you will see some insights that you didn’t see previously.

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese proverb (tweet this!)

I plan on doing more of this in the future. In fact we have booked a week in January. #Bliss

Here is something that I did for my business while I was writing in my journal. I want to share it with you and hopefully you will find it as powerful as I did.

Step 1: Identify and focus on the most important activities in your business for the next 3 months. Figure out what the most important task or tasks you need to do in order for you to achieve your final goals of the year.

Step 2: Take a good hard look at your business and ask yourself these questions:

  • What activities or tasks bring in the most revenue?
  • How much time in a day or per week do I spend on these?
  • What‚Äôs stopping me from spending most of my time, 80% of my time, focused on these key activities?

Step 3: GET REAL with yourself. Compare what the most important activities in your business are to where you are spending most of your time in a week. Get real with your priorities, re-commit, and start taking action today.

How you answered these questions determines whether or not you move forward in the direction of your goals. So, let’s commit to achieving our goals by the end of the year. I am here to support you. Please comment below on where you are going to focus your energies the rest of the year. I can’t wait to support you.

It takes one simple shift in your mindset and the willingness to make a decision that can and will change everything. (tweet this!)

I believe in YOU and your goals.


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