Have you wanted something so badly but you make the process of getting it so much harder then it should be? It happens to all of us.

So, you finally decided to go after your big goal. And your goal might be all about getting healthy. You’ve been working out 4 days a week, eating healthy, but you’ve lost your mojo.

Or maybe you’ve finally started your own business and it was super exciting in the beginning. But now you catch yourself working longer hours and realize that you never see your friends or family because you’re constantly working. And you think, it started out being ok, but now it is feeling more like a JOB.

Here is an example I want to share with you. My son Spence has a goal to make the Grade 9 A1 Soccer team this year (he’s 8). He’s talked about this, created a mandala, written about it, practiced and focused on this goal. I even taught him how to visualize the end result.

He’s done soccer camps all summer long and played on a summer soccer team with kids that are 2 years older than him. And to top it off he’s kicked and dribbled around our house more times then I can count. =) He’s put in the effort required, but something started to change in the past two weeks.

The first practice before the actual trials started I sat in the car and watched. I didn’t want to distract him in any way. But I could see he was trying too hard and he wasn’t having fun. He was trying to do everything perfectly and thus wasn’t actually playing to his best abilities. He wasn’t trapping the ball well, he was playing flat on his feet, his touch was off, he was over thinking everything and most importantly he wasn’t smiling.

That night I had a chat with him. I told him that it’s more important to have fun then to be perfect. I said, “You throw your Ronaldo chops and step-over moves around the house all the time, why not have fun and throw one of those moves on the field?” I said, “It’s not about being perfect, it is about going out there and showing them what you’ve got. It’s all about having FUN! If you aren’t having fun it isn’t worth it.”

No one looks stupid when they're having fun. Amy Poehler

The official trials started later that week and I told him we’re going to change things up a bit. I turned on his favorite song and we had a little dance party before he went off to play soccer. I put on “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and his little face lit up.

We danced around the house, we pumped our fists in the air and we had a blast. We arrived at the trials and I told him. “Go out there and have fun. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. The coaches would rather see you trying then being perfect. They don’t need perfection, they need heart, soul and passion. Let that song play in your mind and have FUN.”

You don’t need to be perfect. Just go out there and give them what you got! (Tweet this)

Needless to say, he has had two days of trials and has played amazing. And the best part is he’s having a blast. He was so pumped after the second day of trials. I said, “Wow, you played awesome out there. Are you having fun?” He said, “mom, I am having a blast.” I said, “That’s all that matters Spence. And let’s continue to have fun.”

In the car ride home I reached down to turn on the radio, as I love music. And guess what song came on at that very moment? No kidding….”Uptown Funk.” I turned it up and we sang at the top of our lungs.  It was perfect timing.

My message to you is if you’ve started working towards a big goal, but are realizing that you’re just not having fun, or you are overthinking things, then you need to take a step back and and figure out how you can start to have more FUN.

If you are working out and getting bored, get a workout partner that you can work out with. Challenge each other and make it fun. If you are working on building your business and are just frustrated or not enjoying yourself. Try and take breaks, or set up times to meet other entrepreneurs online or in person and have some fun, do some brainstorming.

I will set up calls with other entrepreneurs to brainstorm and just interact with like minded people. It really helps me given I come from a corporate environment, where I’ve worked for years with teams of people. I realized quickly that this was something that I missed and needed to figure out how to satisfy this need for myself. And I did it.

If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it.I often put on music while I work and if a great song comes on guess what I do? I jump up and dance around my office. I have so much fun. I celebrate every small and big win I have. I celebrate with my kids, I celebrate with my hubs, and I celebrate with my friends.

Bottom line, if you aren’t having fun, then you need to figure out why and what you can do to change it. I met with a friend the other day and she told me how much she missed having me in the office because she missed my impromptu dance parties to get us all revved up and ready for the afternoon.

If you have a goal that you really want and you catch yourself not having fun, stop and reassess. (Tweet this)

Bottom line, life is too short to not have fun.

xo Brigid

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